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Baby’s 1st Christmas Eve Box

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A baby’s 1st Christmas Eve box is the perfect tradition to start their first year. It is something you can continue each year after the first. Watch your baby’s eyes fill with delight and awe as they see all the fun stuff in their first Christmas Eve box.

Starting new Christmas family traditions is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s first. What traditions do you think you will try this year? If you need some suggestions here are some great traditions to start on your baby’s first Christmas. 

Rest assured you can start a Christmas Eve Box for a baby of any age. Using the list below make substitutions as needed based on your baby’s age. 



A Christmas Eve box is a magical family tradition you can do each and every year. In our home. our silly elves bring the kids their Christmas Eve box before they head home to the North Pole. In simple terms, it’s a decorative box of your choice that you fill with fun Christmas Eve themed items and trinkets you know your family members will love. Always remember this is your Christmas tradition so make it how you see it. This is simply a fun way to add extra excitement to the most magical day of the year!


You can decide to put anything you want into your first Christmas Eve box, but maybe you are stumped. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. 


A Christmas Eve box staple. Starting the first year you can put a new pair of Pajamas your baby can wear as they drift off to sleep waiting for Santa. Pajamas will continue to be a Christmas Eve box standard item for years to come. Each year my kids still get SO excited to what pajamas their elves picked for them to wear while waiting for Santa. It’s such a treat and a perfect Chrismas traditions to start with our baby this year!

Christmas Board Book

Another wonderful idea to add to your baby’s 1st Christmas Eve box is a Christmas themed board book. A great family tradition to start is to read the book included in their Christmas Eve box before they fall asleep on Christmas Eve. It helped build excitement and anticipation – even for you!

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A Plush Toy

Something simple to include your first year is a fun plush toy you know your baby will love! A comfy, adorable new friend for your little to cherish. It’s perfect because it’s safe for your baby and helps fill the box!

Yummy Snacks

A delicious idea to include if your baby is the right age is a delicious snack. A wonderful snack idea to include in your baby’s 1st Christmas Eve box are puffs. Most baby’s I know love them making them an easy snack choice for your first Christmas Eve box. 

Small Toy

A great addition to your baby’s first Christmas Eve box is a fun Christmas themed toy. This is something they can use and enjoy making it a great thing to include in your box. Here are a few I LOVE from Amazon.

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Christmas Ornament

This item is something you can make into a yearly Christmas tradition for your family. There are so many great Baby’s 1st ornaments to choose from. Here’s are suggestions for you.

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This a personal decision. As I mentioned, in our family our elves bring the kids their boxes making it a traditional Christmas Eve box. However, you may find that giving it to your baby earlier in December so they can enjoy all the goodiess all month long. It’s up to you and your family and what works best. You can always do a Christmas box at the beginning on the month and a Christmas Eve box if you are obsessed with Christmas like myself. Whatever you decide it’s a beautiful Christmas tradition to start with your family 


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