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Boredom Busting Summer Schedule

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A boredom-busting Summer schedule might be the key to a relaxing Summer, right? Well, we can hope!  School ends in just a few short weeks and I can already hear my kid’s famous words “I’m bored”. School takes up so much time and brain space that boredom isn’t so much of an issue during the school year.  In addition to them being bored, my goal each Summer to be present because we only have 18 Summers before they leave the house. I try to make each Summer as memorable as possible. However, in order for the Summer to be a memory makin’ machine a proper schedule needs to be in place. The best couple fo Summers I’ve been using this boredom-busting Summer schedule and it’s worked wonders! My kids aren’t bored, I get to be more present in their lives and they are opened up to experiences which I love.

Before Summer starts we sit down as a family and create a Summer bucket list to make sure we are making this most of our family time together. Involving the kids in our seasonal bucket lists is great because they are more open up to experiences if they help plan them.  I decided to make this boredom-busting Summer schedule based on the Summer bucket list we created together. This is the schedule we created together and it’s our wish that is also works for your family!


The Boredom-Busting Summer Schedule

Move  It Monday

Kick off the week that right way with Move it Monday! It’s time to get up and get going. Monday’s are all about moving around our city. That could mean going to a museum, heading to the park, a visit to the zoo or seeing a fun pop up exhibit. Whatever we decide we think its best to start our week with an adventure, it helps set the tone for the rest of the week. If you get it movin’ on Monday you are more inclined to do more during the week.

Tasty Tuesday

It’s my son’s dream to become a celebrity chef. At 8 years old he is already such a foodie! I wish I could say the same about my 5 yr old daughter. Since my daughter doesn’t love a ton of different foods like my son we decided to make Tasty Tuesday’s.  Every Tuesday we pick a new local joint to try out food we haven’t had before. We allow my daughter to pick the place so she’s more inclined to try new foods and guess what it works! If you have a picky eater it might be worth it to give Tasty Tuesday’s a whirl! In case of bad weather, we stay in and chose a new Tasty or So Yummy recipe to cook together. Cooking with my kids is a sure fire way to get them to try new things plus I love spending time with them in the kitchen!

Wild Wednesday

Since it’s hump we leave Wednesday free like a wild card. If we are tired from Move it Monday or Tasty Tuesday this gives us a chance to rest up. If we are don’t need the downtime then we are off to a new adventure. Wednesday’s are $1 movies at our local theater so we tend to do that most Wednesday’s. I feel having a free day mid-week allows for my kids not to get burned out. Remember the point of this schedule to make the most of our Summer not to exhaust everyone.

Try it Thursday

We leave Thursday’s for trying new things and that could mean a new book, craft or game. Thursday’s are fun because we never quite know what we are going to try and figuring it out as a family is all part of the fun. More often than not, Try it Thursday’s include a science experiment or STEAM project. We are lucky that our kids love a hands-on project and Try it Thursday’s are the perfect day to try out the lasted and greatest projects. This is definitely one of our favorite days of the week!

Freebie Friday

As the week comes to a close it’s safe you say your wallet would enjoy a break. Friday is a great day to find free things happening in your area. Our family lucks out living in NYC because there are tons of free events all Summer long most of which happen on Friday. At the beginning of the Summer, we skim our favorite local sites for upcoming events and make a list of all the free events we want to attend. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Sight-Seeing Saturday

Being from NYC there is so much to see and do that take full advantage of Saturday’s in the Summer. The weather is perfect to be tourists in our own city. To make Saturday’s even more special my husband is home and can join us on our sight-seeing adventures. We would love to sight-see all year round but the Winter in NYC is impossible. We make an exception during the holidays but then hibernate until Spring. We take full advantage of Summer and try to see as much of our city as the weather permits. Get out there and see your city!

Slow Down Sunday

In our house, Summer Sunday’s are all about relaxing. We spend all week getting as much in as possible that we need Sunday to decompress. On weeks where we have more energy, we may play a game or two but usually, we just hang out in the backyard. Slow down on Sunday’s allows us to prep our mind and bodies for the busy week ahead. Remember, we want to make the most of our Summer so it’s important to take the time to rest, recharge and reconnect. Sunday’s are the perfect day for it all.

Final Thoughts

Will you be incorporating this boredom-busting Summer schedule into the mix this year? What do you plan on doing while school is out for Summer? Let me know if the comments below.


I hope you have a great Summer!



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