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Christmas Traditions For Couples

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Christmas is a magical time of year for everyone, but it can be even more special for couples. Something about Christmas brings the romance out in people. Whenever I think of the holidays I’m always reminded of my Christmas traditions that I do each and every year. Once I met my husband we decided to start new Christmas traditions to do as a couple. Even though we have kids we still do each one of these Christmas traditions for couples every single year. 

Looking for a Christmas tradition just for you and your partner? Add magic and romance to Christmas this year with these amazing holiday traditions for couples. 

Here are the best Christmas traditions for couples


Create a Christmas Bucket List

On Black Friday every year, my husband and I sit to create a Christmas bucket list we want to do together that year. Each year we add some of our favorite things like holiday movie nights and Christmas themed dates but we also try to find new things to do each year.

Decorate with Mistletoe

Every year we buy two bushels of mistletoe and set out to decorate an area of the house. The other person has no idea where we put our mistletoe so it’s a fine surprise when we find it.


Plan A Holiday Themed Date In Your City

We are so lucky to live in NYC and we plan several Christmas themed dates each year. You can recreate our favorite holiday dates by sampling your local favorites at your town’s Christmas festival or attend a tree lighting together. Whatever you decide there are so many Christmas date ideas to choose from.

Bake Or Create A Christmas Treat

Each year we build a gingerbread house together but recently we started a baking day. Something about being in the kitchen baking can really bring you closer together. 

Plan a Holiday Photo Shoot

Some of the best photos of couples come from holiday-themed shoots. You don’t even need to hire a photographer you just need a tripod and some idea of where you want to go. These photos are something you will have to look back on for the rest of your life. Be sure to add this couple favorite to your holiday traditions this year.


Wear Matching PJs

Matching Christmas PJs has been all the rage for years now. So why not jump on the easiest Christmas trend and grab a pair of matching Christmas PJs. 

Light It Up

Head out to take in all your local holiday light displays. Holiday light displays are magical with built-in romance making it one of the easiest holiday traditions for couples.  PUMP UP the Christmas music and drive around your area that has the best displays. Don’t forget the hot chocolate. We love using these mugs to help keep our favorite holiday beverages warm.  

Make it even more fun with a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt – we’ve been doing this long before we had kids. 

Holiday Movie Night

Cuddle up together to watch your favorite Christmas movie together. I mean who needs an excuse to cuddle? Some of the best Christmas movies to watch as a couple include: Love Actually, The Holiday, It’s A Wonderful Life and Elf. 

Ornament Exchange

Every year buy your partner an ornament that holds special meaning to the two of you. Watch how your tree fills up with your memories over the years. Each year when you start decorating you can look back at all of the beautiful memories you share together. 


Rock Around The Christmas Tree

Once again, it’s time to PUMP UP the Christmas music and get to decorating. Decorating the tree together makes it your tree and now you can fill it with those ornaments you buy each other every year. Once you are done, enjoy a nice glass of wine by the lights. 


Christmas is naturally a romantic time of year so hopefully, you were able to find new traditions to start with your love this Christmas. 


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