Easy Ways To Make The Thanksgiving Kids Table The Place To Be This Year

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Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Will you have a Thanksgiving kids table or will there be lots of kids attending Thanksgiving this year? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in luck! Let’s discuss easy ways to entertain kids on Thanksgiving. There are so many fun things you can do to keep the kids busy on Turkey day this year. All of the activies in this article are kid-approved and many can be purchased from Amazon! What did we do before Amazon Prime? I honestly don’t remember – do you?

My family loves, and I mean L-O-V-E-S Thanksgiving! It’s one of our favorite days of the year. It’s usually my husband’s birthday that weekend and we love to celebrate the two occasions together. Each year my family and I plan fun and easy ways to entertain the kids on Thanksgiving. My kids LOVE finding new ways to make Thanksgiving fun for everyone, especially the adults. This year we started early so we could share our ideas with you! Our goal at The Inspired Holiday is to make each and every holiday the best it can be. Planning ahead is my number ONE piece of advice when your goal is to have a holiday free from stress.

Now let’s get to it. Here are some easy ways to entertain kids on Thanksgiving.

This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase from one of the links on this page.




Easy Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Thanksgiving


Fun Games To Keep The Kids Entertained on Thanksgiving

Pin The {Blank} On The Turkey Games

One great way to keep kids entertained is with fun Thanksgiving-themed games. If you have an older kid in the group you could give them the responsibility of sitting up and supervising the games. In our family, the older ones love being in charge under the guise they don’t have to listen to the adults. This can benefit you greatly because you know the kids are being well taken care of while you can continue getting everything ready for your Thanksgiving day feast. You can work peacefully, knowing you won’t be interrupted by the kids in the house complaining they are bored. We are big on Thanksgiving day games because it keeps the kids engaged without any electronics.

Pin the Hat on The Turkey

Pin the hat on the turkey is a fun spin on the classic game pin the tail on the donkey. It comes fully equipped with everything you need to play. In our home some of the adults get a kick out of joining in on the fun!

Pin the Helmet on the Turkey

Pin the helmet on the turkey is identical to pin the hat on the turkey but with a football twist. We decided to purchase this set this year for Thanksgiving since our family is a group of football fanatics.


Pin the Feather on the Turkey

One last option is this pin the feather on the turkey game. Color striped feathers make this a super fun choice for the kids. Any of the these “pin the….on the turkey games” would be a great choice this Thanksgiving.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Games

If weather permits, playing outside can be a great way to keep the kids entertained with proper supervision. When I was little we stayed over at my aunt’s the night before Thanksgiving to help prepare everything for the big day. On the morning of Thanksgiving, a bunch of us participated in an annual game of 3 on 3 basketball in the driveway and it’s some of my favorite memories of all-time. Playing outside with my family is something I look back on fondly. If you don’t have a basketball hoop to get a fun pick up game going, here are some alternatives for outdoor play on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Bean Bag Toss

Thanksgiving weather can be some of the best! Fall weather is my jam – ha! In our home, if it’s nice out and you’re not cooking then you are sent outside to play if its nice out. This bean bag toss game is great for those that love to play outdoors during the holidays.


Scarecrow Bean Bag Toss

Scarecrows are a fall staple and this adorable bean bag toss game also doubles as the perfect outdoor decoration as well as a picture stand!

Thanksgiving Board Games


Thanksgiving Charades

Let the laughs take over with this fun and festive take on the classic games of charades. Have fun acting out and guessing classic parts of the Thanksgiving holiday. This is fun for the whole family, make sure to get the little ones involved, it will take the laughter to a whole new level.


Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving bingo is a staple in our home on Thanksgiving day. If you are only interested in one thing on this list I recommend getting this game. This game entertains our group of kids for hours while the adults get everything ready for dinner. There’s a reason bingo has remained a favorite for so many years!


Thanksgiving Activity Kits

Another great option to help kids stay entertained on Thanksgiving is with fun themed activity kits. There’s a wonderful assortment of Thanksgiving-themed activity sets that can be purchased straight from Amazon. Activity kits are great because most of them can be done independently without much supervision which is basically the goal of this article – ways to keep kids busy so you can focus on hosting. Another great benefit is that each kit comes with several sets so if you are hosting lots of children you only have to buy one kit that includes enough pieces for everyone in the group – it makes everything efficient and manageable. Here are some of the best Thanksgiving activity kits you can find on Amazon.

Sticker Kits – Most kids LOVE stickers so these sets are always a big hit on Thanksgiving.


Make a Turkey Sticker Kit

Our family gets this make a turkey sticker kit every year – no exaggeration. It helps make the Thanksgiving kids table the place to be. All of the kids have a blast making different turkey designs using the stickers provided.

Silly Make a Turkey Sticker Set

This set is a bit sillier than the one above but it includes more accessory stickers for your turkey. This year I plan to purchase a handful of sticker sets that the kids can mix and match which definitely includes this set. The more stickers, the better!


Fancy Make a Turkey Sticker Set

As I mentioned, it’s a great idea to mix and match the turkey sticker sets so the kids get as big of a selection as possible to make their turkeys. This is such a fun sticker set that includes fancier accessories the turkeys. Every turkey need a top hat, right?


Thankful Turkey

Every place setting at the Thanksgiving kids table gets one of these kits to do. Easily my favorite thing in this article are these thankful turkey project kits. Each kit comes equipped with a buildable turkey with feathers large enough to write who or what you are thankful for this year. I love these turkeys so much I decided to get enough for every person invited to dinner and plan to make it an activity we all do together in between courses. We always include a moment in our day to discuss what we are thankful for but I think this will make it all the more special for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the kids entertained on Thanksgiving does not need to feel like a chore. There are so many fun ways to help kids keep busy while you prepare a delicious meal for your family. I hope you were able to find something that will help make your Thanksgiving run smoothly this year. If there is something you do to help the kids in your family stay entertained on Thanksgiving, I would love to hear about it in the comments. As always, I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays this year!


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