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Fall Date Night Ideas To Try This Year

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The weather might be screaming Summer but my heart is singing for Fall. The cooler months are my favorite ones for date nights. My husbands favorite season is the Fall so we make the most of it by planning as many date nights as possible before the cold NYC weather sets in. We always try to plan some fun indoor date nights and a bunch out on the town date night. Here’s a list of the best fall date night ideas to try this year. 


Go To a Football Game

The return of Fall also means the return on footballs. My husband and I love football so we always plan to go to at least one game a year. Tailgating is one of our favorite Fall date night ideas. 

Head To a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin picking is oddly romantic. Head to your local patch to grab some pumpkins and make sure to stop by the Farmer’s Market for a fun seasonal treat. 

Carve Pumpkins

Once you get home from the pumpkin patch you can start carving your pumpkins together.

Enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte

We are as basic as they get because we love heading off on a pumpkin spice latte coffee date as soon as they become available in early Fall. 

Crunch Through Some Leaves

Let your inner child run free as you crunch through the leaves together

Go On A Road Trip

Fall is an amazing time to plan a road trip. Getting out on the open road with your love and some music = bliss. 

Attend A Fall Festival

Festivals are a great date night idea. Find a local Fall festival and head to it together. 

Cook A Fun Seasonal Recipe Together

Cooking is a great date night idea no matter what time of year it is

Watch A Scary Movie

Cuddle up together and watch your favorite scary movie. 

Go On a Brewery Tour

Seasonal beers are delicious so now is the perfect time to plan a trip to your local brewery

Head To The Apple Orchards

Apple picking is a wonderful Fall date night idea to try this year

Check Out The Fall Foliage

If you don’t have time for a full fledged road trip you can still take a scenic drive to check for gorgeous foliage. 

Start A Fire and Roast Marshmallows

Something about s’mores in the Fall makes my heart skip a beat.

Bake A Pie Together

Fall pies are the most delicious so why not try baking one together


No matter what Fall date idea night you decide to try this year being together during this time of year can be super special. Do whatever makes you and your partner happy and hopefully you were able to find a new date night idea to try this year. 



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