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Tasty Halloween Dinner Ideas for Families

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Boo! It’s almost Halloween! Can you believe how fast this year if flying by? If you are a long-time reader of The Inspired Holiday you know my family is obsessed with Halloween, especially my son. Holidays are a great time to experiment with fun and festive dinner ideas. Honestly, you don’t need to go crazy – you can make you classic dinner and put a simple holiday twist on them. If you are stuck on ideas I went ahead and made this list of Tasty Halloween Dinner Ideas for Families. 

One thing I try my best to do is balance all the treats my family consumes during the holidays. Halloween truly is the candy holiday of the year, am I right? One way I try to combat the issue of overconsumption is by making fun, festive holiday-themed dinners. As I said, you don’t need to go nuts – there are tons of easy yet tasty Halloween recipes for families.

Cooking together is a great way to get excited for an upcoming holiday. In fact, cooking is one of the easiest family holiday traditions you can do with your children. Here’s a great list of Tasty Halloween Ideas  for Families. Let me know which recipe you are thinking of trying or if you have a recipe you want to be featured on The Inspired Holiday. I’m always looking for new and exciting holiday-themed meals to try.

Healthy Halloween Recipes for Families

1 – Jack -o – Lantern Pasta Pots

Jack O Lantern Pasta Pots by Daisies and Pie are a great Halloween dinner idea for families. All you need to make is your favorite, healthy pasta dish and serve it in decorated treat cups. I’m a huge proponent of treat cups and use them for every-thang!


2 – Monster Mash Soup

Monster Mash Soup by Peas and Crayons is something I cannot wait to make! Soups are my go-to meal for dinnertime in the Fall. My kids love all different kinds of soups and most are very simple to make. This soup not only looks fun to eat but also delish!

3 – Finger Fish Sticks

Finger Fish Sticks by Savvy Saving Couple look frightfully divine! Both of my children love homemade fish sticks and I think they will get a huge kick out of this festive take on the classic meal. If this doesn’t scream Tasty Halloween Ideas for Families – what does?


4 – Mummy Dogs

Mummy Dogs by Moments with Maddi is our good ole Halloween dinner standby! I’ve been making this adorable weiners since my son was a wee little lad and now he’s eight. They are the cutest Halloween themed dinner idea and my kids love how they taste! Basically, they are Halloween themed pigs in a blanket!

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5 – Brain Shaped Pasta

Brain Shaped Pasta by Military Fam of 8 is an idea I literally want to make today. The idea to use radiatore pasta is brilliant and something I never would have thought of in a million year. This particular type of pasta really resembles brains making this one of the easiest Halloween dinner ideas on the list!

6 – Meatball Mummies

Meatball Mummies by The Inspiration Edit are at the top of my must-make list this year. My daughter’s nickname when she was a baby was meatball {my husband is italian} because her favorite food was…you guessed it – meatballs! One night in October I plan to surprise my little miss with this adorable mummy themed meatballs. As a bonus, I’ll let her take the leftovers to school the next day. Themed lunches are another fun way to get amped up for Halloween!

7- Jack O Lantern Pepper Tacos

Jack O Lantern Pepper Tacos by Pink Fortitude is a tasty Halloween dinner recipe I’ve been making since before I had kids! When I first got married I would try to make something fun and festive at least once before the major holidays and this was my go-to recipes for Halloween. Tasty, easy and healthy – what could be better?

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 8 – Mini Mummy Pizzas

Mini Mummy Pizzas by When is Dinner looks like something that will become a Halloween staple in our home. Not only do we live for homemade pizza night, but we all love a themed pizza! These mummy pizzas check all of our boxes. Bonus – the kids can help make them which is something they both L-0-V-E doing!

9 – Ghostly Pizza Perogies 

Ghostly Pizza Perogies by Food Meanderings is something I know my kids will love. Friday night I love to make something fun and a bit more relaxed than what we eat during the school week. These ghostly pizza perogies fit that mold perfectly!

10 – Taco Meatballs and Black Bean Pasta

Taco Meatballs and Black Bean Pasta by Boulder LoCavore looks scary but is so delicious, which basically make its one of the best ideas on the Tasty Halloween Dinner Ideas for Families.


Final Thoughts

Do you have a Halloween inspired dinner recipe you would like me to try or want to be featured on The Inspired Holiday? Comment below! I’m always looking for new, fun and delicious holiday-inspired meals to try with my family.



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  1. Hi Ryan – What fun ideas for Halloween. PINNED! Thank you for including my Jack O’ Lantern Pepper Tacos. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

    1. Hi Holly! You know I love making your Jack O’ Lantern tacos they are our favorite! Thanks for pinning <3

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