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The Ultimate List Of Halloween Party Themes For Adults

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Halloween parties are back! There are so many fabulous Halloween party themes for adult parties to chose from this year. Wait until you see the 31 Halloween party themes ideas for an adults-only party we came up with. After the year we all had it is time to get ready for some EPIC Halloween parties this year. In case you can’t tell, I’m Halloween obsessed and love hosting themed parties. Knowing I’m not alone, I made this list to help us all plan a Halloween party our family and friends won’t soon forget. Whether you love gore and horror or more traditional themes there’s a bit of something for everyone. 

Let’s make this the best Halloween ever. You certainly deserve it!



The Ultimate List Of Halloween Party Themes For Adults



Traditional or Elegant Halloween Party Themes

Black and Orange Elegant Affair

When it comes to Halloween party themes spooky and horror normally reign supreme. However, in recent years scaled backed and more elegant styles have taken over the Halloween party scene. Orange and black affairs are set to be one of the top Halloween party themes this year. 

Here are some orange and black Halloween party decor options to help you get started planning.

Pinwheel decor

Halloween Party Pack

Classic Halloween Party Set


Ghouls Night Out

Morticia, Bridge of Frankenstein, Vampira invite you for a Ghoul’s Night Out. Plan an incredible night for your girl friends based off these classic Halloween characters. 

Pink And Black

Pink and black Halloween parties are stunning. Elevate your party theme with this color scheme and watch how easily your party comes together. 

Pink and Black Dessert Table

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Fab – BOO – Lous

Host a glam-filled Halloween party with lots of black, gold, and pink hues to help you set the scene for an over-the-top Halloween gala. Your friends will be blown away with how gorgeous everyone looks while sipping on Halloween-themed martinis. No one ever said Halloween can’t be pretty. 



Fun and Festive Halloween Party Themes

Fortune Telling

I can already see this party being a hit. Whether you play the role yourself or hire an actual fortune teller this party idea is sure to bring excitement to your group.

Haunted Gingerbread House Party

Why not host a fun night making haunted gingerbread houses this year. This is a super casual and very simple party idea to execute. You can do it as an activity for Ghoul’s night out, a Halloween brunch idea, or just for a quiet Halloween party among friends. Amazon has great haunted gingerbread house kits perfect for this occasion. Give this holiday a favorite a spooky makeover for a Halloween party theme your friends will LOVE!

No Way Out

The scariest and most gory of all of the Halloween party themes is the No Way Out idea. Think blood-soaked decor, killer food, spooky music, and tons of horror movie references. This is perfect for someone that loves gore and horror movies but still enjoys keeping their friends and family safe. 


Murder Mystery

Real crime podcasts, documentaries, and television specials have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years making a murder mystery party an obvious choice for a great Halloween party. Let your friends put their newfound detective skills to work in this classic whodunit set-up. Go all-in by assigning everyone a character with a dramatic backstory to add to the allure of the evening. Want to keep it simple? Amazon has tons of murder mystery game sets to help take the guesswork out of setting up what is sure to be a night your friends will never forget. Interactive parties are always a hit!

Angels and Demons

The ultimate choice is upon you – should be good or evil? Do you good girls have more fun? An angels and demons party is always fun simply to see what side your friends choose. You can take the theme further by decorating using lots of red, white, and black options. 

Haunted House

Nightmare on YOUR street. Here’s a play on a Halloween classic. Host a nightmare-infused party at your address similar to a Nightmare on elm street. Out of all the Halloween party themes on the list, this one is probably the easiest. All you need is great Halloween-themed party food, lots of scary decor {many of which you can find on Amazon or at dollar tree}, a great playlist, and your group of friends. So simple but oh so fun!

Carnival of Souls

Come one, come all to a haunted circus you won’t soon forget. Have your friends and family come dressed as circus performers or carnival workers for a true-to-life experience. 

Masquerade Ball

Go full glam and plan a masquerade ball for your Halloween party this year. Full of mystique and intrigue make this a party people will want to attend. Make sure everyone has a mask of their own. 

Gothic Party

This traditional Halloween party idea is very easy to execute. Think lots of spiders, gourds, skeletons, cobwebs, cauldrons, and skeletons. Have guests come as witches, mummies, wizards and more.  

Out Of This World

Halloween is the perfect time of year for a party that’s out of this world. Plan a UFO-themed party by having your guests come dressed as creatures not of this world. There are so many great decor ideas for an Ailen-themed Halloween party which makes planning a breeze. 

Ailen Buddies

Area 51 Backdrop

Mad Scientist

If you love experimenting with food, this is the ideal party idea for you. Supply your guests with lab coats and goggles and set up on a delicious and daring laboratory adventure. Don’t forget these silly photo props to add a bit more zaniness the party vibes. 



Halloween Character or Movie Themed Parties

Backyard Horror Movie Night

Halloween and horror movies are synonymous with each other so much so one of the most famous horror movies is named after the holiday. A horror movie theme is a great idea for a Halloween party and hosting it outdoors adds an additional spooky element to the soiree. To help you play your favorite horror movie clips throughout the party you should invest in a quality outdoor projector. You could invest in this projector set from Amazon that includes everything you need or this highly-rated set  There are many great horror movie-inspired party decor on Amazon that will help you set quite the scene for your guests. Some of my favorites include 

Horror Movie Decor Cutouts

Cupcake Toppers

Beetlejuice Party

Last year we hosted a Beetlejuice-themed Halloween party and it was phenomenal. As you know, we live in a small NYC apartment and still managed to pull the theme together using a little bit of space without spending a ton. You can find everything you need to host this Tim Burton-filled fest online which takes the stress out of planning. Another option would be to host an outdoor movie night viewing of Beetlejuice as part of your party. 




Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s this? What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes – is it one of the best Halloween party themes of all time? It is! Nightmare Before Christmas is a cult classic that continues to grow in popularity year after year. To kick off our 31 days to Halloween countdown we always plan an official viewing party of this Tim Burton classic. There’s so much you can do with this theme between incorporating black and white stripes, to Sally’s patchwork or the mischief of Lock, Stock, and Barrel. The options are endless!

Stranger Things Party

Stranger Things has built-in spooky vibes making it a simple Halloween party theme. Take a visit to Hawkins with your friends and go back in time for a Halloween party you will talk about for years to come. The amount of Stranger Things party ideas and supplies knows no bounds. 

Hocus Pocus

Everyone’s favorite witchy sisters make for a great Halloween party theme. This classic not-so-spooky film has built a huge cult following over the years making it a Halloween party theme that’s sure to be a hit. You and two close friends could dress as the sister and play host while teasing your guests in ways only those silly sisters know how to. Luckily for you, there’s even a whole new batch of Hocus Pocus party decor to help you recreate Salem right in your very own home. 


Hocus Pocus Partyware

Hocus Pocus Banner


Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! Party Set


It’s A Halloween Party, Charlie Brown

Take a page out of your childhood and plan a party around your favorite Peanut pals. Bring on the nostalgia and good feelings with this classic party ideas. Decorate your house like a classic pumpkin patch, serve Charlie Brown-inspired food and let the shenanigans unfold. 

Halloween Cocktail Party Themes

Drink Up Witches

Host a cocktail party with Halloween flair. You can host this party as a traditional cocktail party or in the style of brunch all while throwing in some fabulous Halloween elements. Set your bar are with these festive cups or decorate it with this perfectly themed banner

Here for the Boos

Another fun take on the classic Halloween cocktail party. You can even have everyone bring a bottle of boos to help make the party even better. 


Pair the classic drinking festival with everyone’s favorite spooky holiday for a night of drinking your friends will love. 

Boos and Brew

This is one of the easiest but most festive Halloween cocktail party themes. You can decorate using an array of ghost-themed decor and serve a mix of seasonal beers and ales. A great mix of holiday fun and seasonal brews. 

Franks and Steins 

Our plan for this year’s Halloween drinking fest is Franks and Steins. Think delicious franks, various types of ‘wursts and our favorite seasonal brews served in classic beer steins. Although Summer only just began I’ve already started collecting lots of Frankenstein-related decor supplies. 

Let’s Get Smashed

A mix of drinking and smashing pumpkins what could possibly go wrong? 


Costume Theme Parties

Zombie Prom

One of my personal favorites on this list of the best Halloween party themes is a zombie prom. Everyone comes dressed in zombie make-up and overly tacky prom attire. In addition to your costumes, you can serve punch, prom-themed finger food, and even name a zombie prom king and queen. 

Famous Couples

An easy costume party idea is the classic, famous couples party theme. Each couple comes dressed as a famous couple from history, movies, or pop culture.

Decades Party

Come dressed as a person from your favorite era in history. Lots of fun costume ideas come to mind with these easy-to-plan Halloween party themes.


Simple Fall Festival Party THemes

Autumn Harvest

Your Halloween party doesn’t have to be all about blood and guts. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to have fun with friends, plan fall themed soireed. Fill your space with classic Fall decor and plan a delicious seasonal harvest menu. 


Whatever Halloween party theme you choose remember to keep it fun and safe. All of these Halloween party ideas are proven to be fun inducing. Have a haunting good time!


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