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14 At Home Date Ideas To Try With Your Love

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Indoor or At-Home Date Nights are something my husband and I have been doing together since we got married over ten years ago! Yes, we’ve been together for a decade and it barely feels like a day and I attribute that to making time for each other. Dating your husband is such an important part of any marriage.

Date nights are hard, am I right? Schedules are insane. Babysitters are expensive and as parents, we are in a constant state of exhaustion. Sometimes you just want to stay home instead of having made the effort of going out.

Don’t get me wrong – I L-O-V-E a good ‘ole fashioned date night that requires dressing up, a fancy meal, some sort of event or cocktails, but with the ways our lives are right now those are saved for birthdays and special occasions. Instead, my husband and I focus our attention on at home date nights. 

Some of you might be saying, but this is a holiday blog why are talking about date nights? Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with fun at-home date night with our spouse.

I put a Valentine’s Day spin on this post and included 14 at-home date night ideas you can try this year. If time permits, you can do one a day for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. I did this when my kids were small and our schedules weren’t as intense. It’s easily one of my favorite memories I have with my husband.

Here are 14 At Home Date Nights for You and Your Love


At-Home Date Night #1: Nerf War

Yes, you read that correctly, a nerf war! My husband and I are still kids at heart so one night where I knew he would be home after the kids were asleep I surprised him with a brand new nerf gun {fully loaded – of course} with a note that read “Come find me if you dare – R} I was hiding in the laundry room ready to attack. We easily spent over 2 hours giggling like school children having the time of our life. Nerf Wars or something similar is an at-home date idea I highly recommend. 

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At-Home Date Night #2: MOVIE NIGHT

At least one night a month my husband and I schedule an at-home movie date. We take turns picking the movie and make sure we have our favorite snacks on hand. It gets harder and harder {plus EXPENSIVE} to go to the actual movies so our at-home movie nights are sacred to us. If you are you and your partner have a tough time deciding on what to watch I suggest putting the titles on pieces of paper and picking them out of a hand. This will help avoid fights and hard feelings. The loser automatically gets the next pick. Easy peasy!

At-Home Date Night #3: GET COOKIN’ GOOD LOOKIN’

Since the beginning of our relationship, one of our favorite things to do together is cook! We both love being in the kitchen and have taken several cooking classes together. A couple of nights before we know we have a cooking date scheduled we take a couple of minutes to write a quick menu. Once we decide on a menu I make sure to get all the ingredients. We throw on Pandora and get to cooking. Cooking with your partner is such a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. Get yourself a copy of this date night cookbook. My husband and I love planning menus together using these suggested recipes. 

At-Home Date Night #4: Game on!

Competitive couples unite! Board games are a great idea for an indoor date night. There are so many great 2 player game options for you and your partner to try. Some of my favorites include UNO, Scattegories, Monoply and my husband’s favorite Battleship. Our new favorite is Watch Your Mouth – holy laughs Batman! Be sure not to take it too seriously. Remember, games are supposed to be fun!

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At-Home Date Night #5: Spa Night

Face masks, massages, mani/pedi’s – oh my! Indoor spa nights can be so much fun. Some partners might be apprehensive to participate but once they get started pampering themselves there will be no turning back. 

At-Home Date Night #6: Bake It Like It’s Hot

Who doesn’t love sweets? Get in the kitchen and bake some fun sugar cookies. Once they are all cooled down have fun decorating them. Decorating cookies sounds so silly, but my husband and I always have such a laugh over our ridiculous creations. I truly think my husband goes out of his way to decorate his cookies in the most ridiculous ways.

At-Home Date Night #7: Write It Out

One day out of the month set aside time for an at-home date that is all about writing love notes to each other. By the end of the year, you will have twelve, personalized love notes that will act as a time capsule for that year. Take it a step further and plan to read them to each other on New Year’s Eve. Start the New Year off by reminiscing about the beautiful year you spent together as partners. 


At-Home Date Night #8: String It Together

One of my all-time favorite date night ideas is a SILLY STRING BATTLE! This classic was all my husband’s idea and it’s still a favorite of ours. Is it messy? Yes! Is it a pain to clean up? Oh Yeah! Is it absolutely worth it? Y-E-S-S-S-S-S! Order yourself a case of silly string and let the fun commence! You will NOT regret it. Just be careful not to wake your kids up! {spoke from experience 😉

At-Home Date Night #9: Order In!

Cooking with your partner is amazing and as I mention I HIGHLY recommend it! With that said, there’s nothing better than ordering in your favorite meal and just RELAXING! No-fuss, no mess, and very little clean-up … sign me up! There are so many great food ordering

At-Home Date Night #10: Don’t Let It Puzzle You

One easy solution to finding a great at-home date night idea is simple – start a puzzle together. Every Christmas we always purchase a new puzzle for each other and one night out of the year we plan to start it together. You might not be able to finish it in one sitting so be sure to get yourself a puzzle mat for easy storage.

At-Home Date Night #11 Play Ball

Is your partner a huge sports fan? Why not plan a fun sports-themed at-home date night to watch the big game? Monday night football games double as date nights in our house. We either make our favorite wing recipe or order in and watch together. For us, it’s easy because we are both HUGE sports fans. In fact, we got engaged in London at the first-ever international NFL game. Even if you don’t love sports but your partner does it would be such a fun surprise for them if you planned an indoor date night around their favorite sport. 

At-Home Date Night #12 Let’s Get Physical

Do you have a video game or virtual reality system that lets you get up and move around? This can be the ultimate indoor date night idea. We’re old school and still use our Nintendo Wii unit weekly. Wii nights are our favorite date nights,  

At-Home Date Night #13 Dance Baby Dance 

This is a no-brainer! Thrown on some of your favorite tunes and dance it out! I love anything you can dance too from all decades so that’s my go-to but my husband is a metalhead so some nights are all about headbanging. Whatever your music choice might be dance nights are fun for everyone.

At-Home Date Night #14 Netflix & Chill

The last indoor date night idea is easily the most obvious – Netflix & Chill. All relationships old and new are all about finding the next great thing to binge. SO MANY – an embarrassing amount, to be honest, is centered around the next best Netflix binge-watching session. There have been many mornings where both my husband and I regretted staying up for one more episode…


At home date nights should be fun and stress-free! The above ideas are meant to serves as inspiration but you know your partner better than anyone. Anything you plan at home that allows you to spend time together is a great idea! Here’s to spending more time with the one you love the most without the stress and expense of leaving your house. 





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