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A Birthday Interview: The Ultimate Birthday Tradition

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Why is a birthday interview the ultimate birthday tradition? Simple, it’s the best way to keep track of everything that made your child who they were that year. Each year I feel as though I’m begging time to S-L-O-W down! Well, we all know that’s impossible, but this fun birthday interview helps us take a snapshot so that our memories can live on forever. This birthday interview was designed to help you always remember your children at each stage of their life – small, silly, and sassy. What better way to document a year in the life of your kids, than with responses straight from their mouths. 

When should you start this birthday tradition? As soon as your child is old enough to give you a response. The first interview I did with my daughter was hysterical because none of her answers made sense but that’s why I love it so much. It was true to her character at the time. 

Photos paired with these interviews make the ultimate time capsule for your kids each year. 


We went to Hershey for my son’s 6th birthday and I made the mistake of interviewing him when we got home from our trip. As you may have guessed almost all of his answers were Hershey or candy-related:

What’s your favorite food?  Reese’s

What’s your favorite place? Hershey

What’s your favorite thing to do? Go to Hershey

If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? Buy candy

See what happened? Who can blame him? Hershey was Ah-Mazing! However, I really wanted to capture his natural personality and what really made him who he was that year. This is why I decided to share this tip with you so you don’t make the same silly mistake I did with my son. Birthdays are exciting for everyone, especially kids, so if you want to get the best and truest responses from them on their birthday interview here’s what I suggest:



QUICK TIP: Children might be too excited about their actual birthday for a full interview. Instead, schedule a time during their birthday week to sit down to fill out their sheet. 


Some fun questions you can ask your child each year as part of their birthday interview

What is your name?

How old are you?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite food?





Fun Idea – Fill OUt THe Interview First And COmpare

Before you give your child the chance to answer their birthday interview, write down how you think they will respond. 

Personally, this is my favorite part of this birthday tradition. It’s so fun to see how similar OR  how different our answers are from each other. 

This year I was pretty spot on with my daughter’s 5th interview but my son’s 8th interview was so funny! I barely got one answer that matched. He really threw me for a loop. 

By taking the interview yourself, it adds to the memory-making. You can look back on these sheets and smile thinking about your child that year of their life. Simply Beautiful!

Being together, making memories and having fun is everything a birthday should be! Togetherness is something children will always remember but they won’t remember what fancy toy they got that year. 

Enjoy! Happy memory making!



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