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Check Out All The Best CoComelon Birthday Party Ideas

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Cocomelon has taken the toddler/preschool world by storm. Cocomelon birthday parties are the fastest growing party theme for children age 5 and under but it’s so difficult to find festive CocoMelon party supplies and ideas. Although, Cocomelon has been around since 2013 it only recently started to soar in popularity making it one of the most sought-after birthday themes for kids. 

With over 1 million YouTube subscribers and a Netflix streaming deal, Cocomelon has solidified its place in toddler pop culture {insert emjoi}

Are you ready to see all the adorable Cocomelon party supplies and I found to help you plan the ultimate Cocomelon birthday party?

Check Out All The Best CoComelon Birthday Party Ideas

What Do You Need For A Cocomelon Theme Party?


CocoMelon Birthday Party Decor

CocoMelon 2nd Birthday Party Pack

The number one party trend for second birthdays this year is…you guessed it CocoMelon! This 2nd birthday-themed pack is a perfect addition if you are planning to have a CocoMelon themed 2nd birthday party. 

The Ultimate CocoMelon Party Pack

No CocoMelon party is complete with this ultimate party pack. This party pack comes with everything you need to host a simple yet festive CocoMelon birthday. 


CocoMelon Lawn Decor

Summer is quickly approaching so what’s more fun than a decorative CocoMelon lawn set? This adorable and colorful lawn set certainly sets the mood for your party guests. 

CocoMelon Door Decor

Door decor is always a great addition to any birthday party for kids. This CocoMelon door set is a perfect way to welcome your guest to your home. 

CocoMelon Birthday Party Attire

Find the cutest shirts and outfits to match your CocoMelon birthday party theme. Birthday outfits make for the best pictures which help make memories to last a lifetime.

Cocomelon Cocomelon Birthday Shirt Cocomelon Iron on image 0

CocoMelon Number Baseball Tee

Something about toddlers in baseball tees is simply too much. This adorable CocoMelon baseball tee isn’t just cute it’s also fairly inexpensive. 

Personalized Coco-melon Birthday Shirts Cocomelon Family image 0

CocoMelon Family Birthday Tees

One thing I love to do for my kid’s birthday celebration is to get everyone a matching tee. These family CocoMelon tees are a perfect addition to an already super cute party theme.

Cocomelon Birthday Outfit Embroidered Cocomelon Onesie or image 0

CocoMelon Tutu Birthday Outfit

If you are anything like me you are going all out for your baby’s first birthday. This tutu outfit is the ultimate 1st birthday outfit making it a must-have for a CocoMelon 1st birthday party. 

CocoMelon Birthday Favors

One of the best parts of planning a child’s birthday party is the endless party favor ideas available to use. You can thank your guests with any of these great CocoMelon themed party favors. 

Water Bottle Labels

Water bottles are something I always give to my guests. Having themed water bottles to give out both during and at the end of your party is such a nice touch. These CocoMelon labels make a great addition to your party favors. 

Felt Face Masks

Felt masks are always a fun party favor for a child’s birthday party. They also work great as a photo booth prop. 

Cocomelon Birthday Favor image 0

Coloring Kit Party

This simple CocoMelon coloring party favor is a great idea for small party guests. 


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