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Festive Holiday Mason Jar Gift Ideas

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Christmas is coming quickly! Holiday gifts are probably already on your mind and you’re thinking you may want to create a few handmade Christmas gifts this year. You are in luck. These are the most festive holiday mason jar gift ideas you can find online. Giving a handmade gift is so meaningful. The gift recipient will love that you took the time to craft their gift by hand.

Mason jar gifts are so much to make and the ideas are endless – believe me! I just spent hours trying to find this year’s best mason jar gift ideas to share with all of you. It was so hard to narrow down the list because my fellow bloggers have some incredible ideas when it comes to mason jar crafts. Homemade festive holiday mason jar gifts don’t require a big investment or lots of supplies. Often all you need is a mason jar, some filler, and a tag. How easy is that? When it comes to handmade Christmas gifts the easier, the better. 


Festive Holiday Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix – Melanie Cooks

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? This is a timeless mason jar gift and would be perfect to give to teachers, coaches or co-workers during the holidays. 

Snowman Pretzel Jar by Hunny I’m Home

Snowmen gifts are great for the holidays since they are non-denominational. Another great thing about this particular gift is how easy it is to recreate. This is definitely one to put on your shortlist for holiday gifts this year. 

Slime Kit by Mom Envy

My kids are pumped up to make these for their friends this year. It’s a great gift idea for kids who love slime. You get everything you need to make a festive slime recipe wrapped up in an adorably decorated mason jar. I know that my kids would flip out to receive this as a gift. 


DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub by Meraki Mother

Bath and body gifts work great at the holidays and a handmade sugar scrub makes for a gorgeous presentation. This peppermint scrub is both festive and functional.

Mason Jar Snowglobe by Down Redbud Drive

Snowglobes make a beautiful gift for the holidays and this DIY idea from Down Redbud Drive is precious. 

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by Creative Green Living

A mason jar soap dispenser makes a wonderful hostess gift for the holidays. If you are traveling for the holidays and have parties to attend I’d put this on your list of gifts to DIY this year. 

Santa Inspired Mason Jar by Pjs and Paint

Santa, I know him! One of the stars of the holiday season is the man with the big red bag and this mason jar craft idea is a great way to pay homage to him. This mason jar can be filled with whatever you choose and be given as a gift to all different people on your list making it a fabulous craft idea. 


Gift Card in a Jar by Modern Mom Life

Gift cards are wonderful gift ideas for the holidays, but sometimes feel impersonal. Why not add a personal touch by recreating this gift card in a jar by Modern Mom Life? You are giving the recipient what the want, a gift card, but in a way that still allows you to show them how special they are to you!


DIY Herb Jar by Montana Happy

Do you create your own herbs, spices or rubs and want a fun way to gift them this year? Jarring your homemade spices make for a great gift for your family and friends during the holidays. 


Taco Mix by Marathons and Motivation

Has Marathons and Motivations accomplished the ultimate gift idea? YES! She paired two of my favorite things – tacos and Christmas – making this the ultimate DIY Christmas gift to give this year!



DIY mason jar crafts are a wonderful idea to give as gifts during the holidays for several reasons

  1. They come from the heart
  2. They can be personalized
  3. They fulfill your creative side
  4. They make a gorgeous presentation

Whatever you decide to make for holiday gifts this year I’m sure they will be gorgeous and meaningful. Happy crafting!




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