Fun and Unique Holidays to Celebrate in October

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October is one of the BEST months to celebrate the fun and unique holidays. My family is obsessed with Halloween but we love all the silly holidays you can find in the month of October. Check out all the fun holidays you can celebrate with your family in October.

October 1 – Willy Wonka Day

This is a day of joy and happiness. Hide candy for each other around the house with nametags Everyone looks through the house and then all sit down to watch the movie.

October 2 – Peanuts Cartoon Day

Celebrate by watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” or one of your Peanuts favorites.

October 3 – Techie Day

Stretch your computer knowledge beyond basic office software.

October 4 – Taco Day

Let’s taco ‘bout how to celebrate – Eat & Enjoy!  Enough said.

October 5 – Get Funky Day

Get funky by wearing  the brightest clothes, dance to happy music, smile, laugh, let your hair down.

October 6 – Mad Hatter Day

Have a tea party.  Make paper top hats using cardstock.

October 7 – Frappe Day

We can all agree that the chilled and frothed coffee is yummy.  Visit your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself to a frappe.

October 8 – Fluffernutter Day

This is a stick-to-your-ribs-chin-fingers-nose kind of day.  Grab some Marshmallow Crème (Fluff) and peanut butter, and make yourself a sandwich.

October 9 – Top Spinning Day

Frist, find yourself a top.  Tops can be found at almost any toy store.  Ever spun a penny on a table top?  It’s the same principal.

October 10 – Handbag Day

Is your handbag a place where things to in to get lost?  Perhaps today is the time to clean it out and organize it.

October 11 – It’s My Party Day

Today is a great reason to have a party for no reason at all.

October 12 – Silly Sock Day

Let your imagination run wild!

October 13 – Silly Sayings Day

“Golly Gee willikers, that’s a silly thing to say. (Goofy).  How about “don’t spill the beans?.  (don’t tell a secret).

October 14 – National Dessert Day

This should be everyday!  Share with friends.

October 15 – Cake Decorating Day

This is a perfect day to practice your techniques.  Pinterest fails taste delicious, too.

October 16 – Dictionary Day

Word nerds rejoice!  Pore over the pages of your dictionary and learn 20 new words to impress your friends for life (or a few minutes).

October 17 – Pasta Day

Celebrating is as easy as choosing your favorite form of pasta and making it for yourself, your friends, and your family members.  Pasta is usually attributable to Italy but actually can be traced back to Asia thousands of years ago.

October 18 – Chocolate Cupcake Day

Why not bake a batch and surprise the kids.

October 19 – Sweetest Day

This day is about letting others know you care about.  It’s about being nice to other people.

October 20 – Sloth Day

If there was ever a day meant to take it slow, today is that day!  Take it easy and watch “Zootopia” or “Ice Age”.

October 21 – Day of the Nacho

Nacho ordinary day!  This may surprise you, but we think the best way to celebrate is to eat some nachos.

October 22 – Nut Day

You can try cooking or baking with your favorite nuts.  Just be sure to let everyone know ahead of time, just in case someone has  a nut allergy.  Go nuts today!

October 23 – Boston Cream Pie Day

Stop by the local bakery and treat your family to a special dessert today.

October 24 – National Bologna Day

A pressed luncheon meat with its’ own holiday? Hogwash! Poppycock! Or more appropriately: Baloney!  It is so much more than a flat hot dog.

October 25 – Punk for a Day

Let your inner punk rocker out for the day.

October 26 – Pumpkin Day

Carve a jack-o-lantern, have a pumpkin spice latte or muffin, make a pumpkin pie.  Just have fun!

October 27 – American Beer Day

Drink Responsibly.

October 28 – Frankenstein Day

Watch any of the many t.v. and movie adaptations of the book written by Mary Shelley.  Walk around the house like the monster.

October 29 – Black Cat Day

Cut our black cats using cardstock and decorate the house for Halloween.

October 30 – Candy Corn Day

Celebrate by eating a handful of this sweetness, or decorate a chocolate cupcake with orange frosting and a few pieces of candy corn.

October 31 – Happy Halloween

BOO!  On Halloween the witches are flying by; maybe you will see one in the sky.  Stay safe and have fun!


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