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How To Create A Perfect Movie Night For Your Family

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Family movie nights are easily one of my all-time favorite family traditions. My family loves to snuggle up together while we watch some of our favorite movies. To ensure we have at least one movie night a month I make the first Friday of each month a family movie night. This way my kids are guaranteed to have at least one movie night a month. Usually, we have a ton more than just one but I like the idea of having an official day in place for our family movie night. 

When it comes to family movie nights I’m always looking for fun and interesting ways to make them more exciting. Our kids are small for such a short time that I really try to take advantage of our time together. My kids always get such a kick out of the small and simple touches I added to a regular, ‘ole movie night. Their appreciation is what makes doing these things worth it. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed and I’m sure it won’t for your own family. 



How to Create a Perfect Movie Night For Your Family

1. Make Popcorn

What’s a movie without popcorn? We had a bad experience with microwave popcorn a few years back so I invested in this small popcorn machine and lemme tell ya – it’s Ah-MAZING! It makes theater-quality popcorn at home for half the price and twice the taste! My kids love helping to make it and we always add fun and interesting flavors each time. I always serve them popcorn in fun popcorn containers to help make it even more special. They love it. Popcorn is definitely a must-have for any family movie night!

2. Pick a Theme

One way to create a perfect family movie night is by adding a brand new layer of fun by making it a themed movie night. For example, if you decide to watch Frozen as a family you could include fun Frozen printables and Frozen-themed snacks into your movie night. The kids will love the themed snacks and fun!

3. Decorate or Create a “Now Playing” Sign

Get your family excited for a movie night with a “Now Playing” sign so they know what movie you are going to watch that night. It makes it feel like you are going to the theater in your very own home.

4. Create At Home Movie Tickets

Another way to make it feel like your family is in a real theater when at home is by creating movie tickets for them to cash in upon entering the room where the movie is playing. Role-playing as a ticket taker will make for a load of laughs for your family. 

5. Include Themed Snacks

As mentioned above, having themed snacks can help to create a perfect movie night for your family. Popcorn is great but sometimes my kids also want something sweet. Making a fun themed treat that goes along with the movie is something that will help create memories to last a lifetime. 

6. Make it a PHONE FREE ZONE

This is important! The whole point of hosting a family movie night is to spend time together as a family. In order to do that properly, all phones must be put way – including yours! I know I’m guilty of checking work emails in the presence of my kids but when it comes to movie nights all electronics are put away. We focus strictly on each other and the movie we are watching. 

6. Be Comfortable!

One of the benefits of having a movie night at home is that you can wear whatever you want! One year for Christmas I got everyone movie night themed PJS that we wore for each movie night that year. One of my favorite pictures of all-time is a selfie I took of my family wearing our movie night pjs. They are comfortable and festive – making them perfect for any family. 

7. Create an Outdoor Theater 

If you have space and weather permits, hosting movie night outdoors add a layer of magic that your kids will remember forever. There’s nothing quite like watching a movie as a family under the stars. Movie projectors are so affordable these days making it much easier to host an outdoor movie night. 

8. Pick A Movie Together

This one probably obvious, but choosing a movie together helps everyone feel like they play a role in movie night. There are so many great family-friendly movie options these days between Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + that you won’t struggle finding something for everyone.


Family movie nights are fantastic because they are an inexpensive way to spend quality time together as a family. As I mentioned, our kids are only small for a short time so take advantage of that by creating traditions that work for your family. Movie nights are something my kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Have fun and let know what movie night tips and tricks you have in the comments below. 



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