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Interesting Gift Ideas for Dad

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Father’s Day is almost here! It’s a pretty big deal around here because my kids really lucked out in the Dad department. My husband is a wonderful Father and every year I’m on the hunt to find him a truly interesting gift that he’ll appreciate. Thankfully, he’s very easy to shop for but I know that’s not that case for all guys so here’s a great list of interesting gifts for Dads.






Tactical Pen Set

This multi-tool gift is perfect for Dad. It fits inside his pocket but does so many things including a bottle opener, window breaker, flashlight and so much more. This is the great for the Dad that wants to be prepared.

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Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

Do your kids have the best Dad ever? Let him brag to the world with this perfect t-shirt! My husband has this shirt and I can attest that the quality is fantastic.!

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I am Groot – a Planter

Is Dad a superhero fan? This I am Groot planter makes an adorable gift especially from a small child. We are huge Avenger/Marvel fans in this house so I think I’m going to add this cutie into my husband’s gifts this year.

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Magnetic Wristband

This is a gift I may steal from my husband. In our house, Dad is the king of hanging and fixing every-thang. This magnetic wristband will come in very handy for his next project.

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Daddy Shark T-Shirt

The baby shark craze shows no signs of slowing down, so why not include Dad? One of my favorite past times is getting this song stuck in my husband’s head. Daddy Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo.

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Dad Grill Set

Is Dad king of the grill in your house? Now he can really leave his mark when it comes to grilling with this fun set. Who was a delicious burger made by Dad this Summer? I know I do!

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Car Vacuum Set

Does Dad take good care of his car then he’s going to love this easy to use vacuum set. One thing I appreciate about my husband is how clean he keeps our truck, which is no easy feat with two kids in so many activities.

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

A good ‘ole fashioned Dad breakfast is the best. Mix breakfast with a gadget and you have the perfect Dad gift. I would love a breakfast sandwich made from this bad boy.

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Electronic Travel Organizer

Does Dad like to keep his electronics organized? This is essential for any Dad that travels and needs space to keep everything he needs to keep his electronics together.

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

A perfect gift for the Dad that’s a music lover. This blue tooth shower speaker works great and bonus – the kids get good use of it too! It’s a win/win for the whole family!

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Engraved Carving Board

In our family all the Dad’s love to cook and are complete mush balls – ha!  This board has such a sweet sentiment and message. Any Dad that loves to cook would love this as a gift.

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Hammer Keychain

A keychain is a timeless gift for Dad. This set has a beautiful message and includes a keychain he can always carry with him. A classic present.

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101 Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes are the best jokes. In our house, Dad definitely needs some new material so the kids will be getting this book for Dad this year. Here’s hoping these new Dad jokes are good!

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