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Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas in July

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Summer is upon on us and that can only mean one thing – Christmas in July is almost here. Christmas in July are you crazy?! Maybe but hear me out. What if you could extend the magic of Christmas for a little bit more during one of the hottest months of the year? You could wind up making memories you didn’t even know are possible. Our children are little for such a short time that its so important for us to make the magic last as long as possible which is why I started celebrating Christmas in July with my family a few years ago. 

First and foremost you do not need to go crazy – leave that for the real deal – instead find fun ways to help your family find the magic of Christmas six months earlier than usual. Below are a handful of ideas for you to try in order to get started, but remember Christmas or really any holiday is what you make of it. Love playing Christmas games? Then why not play your favorite as a way to celebrate. Surely, anything you decide to do will help create memories to last a lifetime with your family.

Still, stumped on the best ways to celebrate Christmas in July? Here are some fun ideas to help you kickstart your celebration into high gear! 

WAIT! Are you overwhelmed by all the ideas? Don’t be. Just chose one if any at all. You don’t need to celebrate all month long – leave that to the Christmas crazies like me. Instead, pick one day out of the month and one activity. You can still create a beautiful moment with your family in a simple way. 


Plan A Christmas In July Party!

One of the best things you can do to celebrate Christmas in July is to plan a fun and festive party. Here’s a complete guide to everything you need to plan a fabulous Christmas in July party your friends and family will LOVE! Hosting a party is a great way to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday in the middle of the summer. There are so many great ideas to help you plan a fantastic soiree!

Christmas Wreath Pool Float



Make Ornaments

One of the best ideas to celebrate Christmas in July is by making Christmas ornaments. In essence, this kills two birds with one stone. You get a chance to do something festive in the middle of the summer AND you can avoid the last-minute stress of the holiday season. Imagine having a tree full of gorgeous handmade Christmas ornaments without any of the stress? It’s totally possible by making that your Christmas in July activity. 



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Get Your Bake On

What’s more Christmasy than baking cookies? Baking cookies in the middle of Summer might sound insane but here’s a tip: prepare the dough the day before and bake it first thing in the morning or late at night when it’s the coolest. There are also a ton of fun Christmas in July cookie ideas. 



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Craft It Up

Similar to the idea of making ornaments for a Christmas in July celebration now would be the perfect time to create a Christmas craft you’ve had your eye on for years but never had the time to work on.

Fun fact: My Mom creates GORGEOUS Christmas wreaths every year (tutorial coming SOON!) and she makes 50% of them in the month of July. I guess you don’t need to wonder where I got my love of Christmas from?



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Ugly Bathing Suit Contest

You heard of the famous Ugly Sweater Party but a fun Christmas in July take is the Ugly Bathing Suit Content. Decorate your favorite suit with the tackiest Christmas stuff you can find and let the hilarity ensue.

Add a fun Christmas in July t-shirt on top



Water Balloon Fight

A personal favorite for my little ones! Fill up a bucket of white water balloons to pretend it’s a snowball fight in the middle of summer OR go the red, white, and green route for a more festive touch. 


Movie Time

This is probably the easiest idea on the list – watch your favorite Christmas movie. Make a bowl of delicious popcorn and watch your favorite holiday classic. 

What’s your favorite Christmas Movie? Let me know in the comments below


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Create a Christmas Bucket List

One thing I always wish for each year is more time once the holidays swing into high gear. Now with the inception of our Christmas in July celebrations, we take one night to plan out our Christmas bucket list for that year so we don’t waste a second of precious time once the hustle and bustle of the holidays begin. It’s so much fun to get everyone involved and as the kids get older we find new and fun things to add to our list. I HIGHLY recommend doing this you won’t regret it. 


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Gift Exchange

Gift-giving is always a fun part of Christmas and Christmas in July is no exception. Host a small gift exchange within your own family – set a limit that everyone is comfortable with {$20 in our family} and everyone picks a name out of a hat. A week later you exchange gifts during one of your Christmas in July celebrations or activities. 

Christmas In July Wrapping Paper


Read a Book 

Christmas books are always a good idea no matter what time of year it may be. Here’s a great beach read perfect for Christmas in July!

Christmas in July: A Christmas, Colorado Novel: Book 2 by [Debbie Mason]


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Dance Party

Christmas in July dance parties is the tradition my kids look forward to most. They know once July 1st hits it Christmas music for a month straight. Christmas music is huge in our home and so are dance parties making it the perfect combo to celebrate Christmas in July. 

Watch a Hallmark Movie

Every year for the ENTIRE month of July Hallmark dedicates it’s line-up to their original Christmas movies. If you feeling down a Hallmark Christmas movie is a great pick me up!

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