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Roblox Birthday Party Ideas Perfect For Your Favorite Gamer

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Roblox has taken the gaming world by storm. With it’s incredible technology this app-based game allowed people of all ages, especially kids,  to keep in touch during a time in-person meet-ups were frowned upon. Roblox birthday parties are all the rage in our group of friends. My son went to several virtual Roblox birthday parties last year and absolutely loved every one of them. There are so many amazing and fun Roblox birthday party ideas that it was hard to narrow down this list to my favorite things. Hopefully, this birthday party guide helps you plan the ultimate Roblox birthday party for your favorite gamer.


Roblox Birthday Party Ideas Perfect For Your Favorite Gamer


Roblox Birthday Party Decorations

Roblox Party Pack

Here you get everything you need to set the scene for your Roblox birthday party. 

Pastel Roblox Party Set

Girls love Roblox just as much as boys, but in our house, we LOVE our pastel rainbow colors. This Roblox party set is absolutely perfect for the girl gamer in your life. 

Roblox Party Pack

Another choice for Roblox party decor is this fun 92 pieces complete party pack. 

Simple Roblox Party Set

If you are celebrating at home and prefer less decor then this Roblox party set is for you. 

Roblox Door Decor

Door decor is such a fun way to show your guests you are party-ready. This Roblox door decor is adorable and a must-have for your Roblox birthday party. 


Roblox Photo Booth Supplies

One great way to celebrate any birthday party is with a  fun photo booth. It makes for a great party activity and the perfect party favor. Here are my favorite Roblox photo booth supplies.

Roblox Photo Backdrop 

You can’t have a photo booth without a themed backdrop. Here’s a great Roblox photo backdrop that your guests will LOVE!

Roblox Photo Backdrop 2


Perhaps you like the color of this backdrop better.

Roblox Pastel Backdrop

If you planning a pastel Roblox party then this backdrop is perfect for your party.

Roblox Party Bags

You can’t give out party favors without something to put them in. These treat bags are perfect to give your guests at your Roblox birthday party. 


Roblox Temporary Tattoos



There are so many great ways to throw the Roblox birthday of your child’s dreams. This is only the beginning. I’m updating this post daily so be sure to check back for updates. 

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