The Best Non – Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. All the stores are filled with red, white and pink goodness with chocolate for miles. Sometimes though it’s nice to have non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas especially when dealing with children and the chance of allergies. It used to be difficult to find non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas, but with the inception of Pinterest, there’s no limit of what you can find to add extra fun into your Valentine’s Day this year. I went ahead and gathered all of the best non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas so you don’t need to waste time searching. Instead, you can get right to creating. Here are the best non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas this year.


Non- Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas


You Are Such a Cutie Valentine by All Things Crafty

Cuties are little oranges or clementines and they are a huge hit with kids. These adorable free printables make for a great non-candy Valentine’s Day idea.  



You’re All That and A Bag of Chips by Hunny I’m Home

Chips are all the rage in my 3rd graders class this year so I was on the hunt for a fun printable I could attach to various sets of chips I get from Target. Hunny I’m Home has the perfect set to help you recreate these adorable Valentine’s in a matter of minutes.

Star Wars Valentines by The Farm Girls Lab

With the introduction of Disney+ Star Wars is everywhere! Join the force with these adorable Valentine’s by The Farm Girls Lab. Any Star Wars fan is sure to love these cute Valentine’s.

Pencil Topper Valentine’s from The Farm Lab Girls

Another great non-candy Valentine’s idea comes from my friends at the Farm Lab Girls. These adorable pencil toppers are perfect for school parties and really easy to put together. As a Mom I’m always looking for fun and EASY things to do with my kids. 

Bubble Valentine’s from Behind the Mom Bun

Bubbles are a perfect non-candy alternative for Valentine’s Day! Behind the Mom Bun has these adorable printable tags you can add to a simple bottle of bubbles to help make it the perfect Valentine for your child to hand out to their friends. 

Nail Polish Valentine Cards by Protecting Your Pennies

Every year my daughter dance school hosts a fun Valentine’s Day party and I’m always on the hunt for something fun for her to pass out to her friends. These adorable nail polish Valentine’s are perfect!

Dinosaur Valentine’s by About a Mom

Dinosaur Valentine’s are always a good idea and these adorable printable from About A Mom are so sweet. Any dinosaur fan would love to receive one of these Valentine’s this year.

You Make My Heart Glow by The Momma Diaries

Kids LOVE glow sticks so these adorable Valentine’s are perfect for kids of any age. They are super simple to recreate and will make little hearts very happy!

Cereal Valentine’s by Crayons and Cravings

Cereal Valentine’s are a great idea for kids that are in daycare or a nursery program. It will help add an extra layer of fun to the daily breakfast they share with their friends. 

Kinetic Sand Valentine’s by U Ready Teddy

These adorable sand buckets are perfect to hand out this Valentine’s Day. 

Race Car Valentine’s by Where the Smiles Have Been

Racecar fans rejoice! I found the perfect Valentine’s for the car lover in your life. These adorable toy car Valentine’s by Where the Smile Have Been are so cute and are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

Play Dough Valentine’s by Moms and Munchkins

Play doh is a great non-candy treat for kids and these tags from Moms and Munchkins help give it Valentine’s Day realness. So cute and so fun!

Star of the Show Valentine’s by Making of a Mom

These Valentine’s Day cards from Making of a Mom are a show stopper! The presentation can’t be beaten and kids love getting sunglasses as a treat making these Valentine’s a winner!

Fornite Valentine’s by Down Red Bud Drive

Last but certainly not least are these fantastic Fornite Valentine’s day cards by Down Red Bud Drive. As my son gets older it gets harder and harder to find cool Valentine’s for him to give to give to his classmates. These Fornite Valentine’s click all the boxes for him making them the best Valentine’s idea I found this year. 


Valentine’s Day can be so fun for kids and getting them involved in the process of creating Valentine’s for their friend can help create memories to last a lifetime. I hope you were happy to find a new non-candy Valentine’s idea to try this year. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!








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