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Countdown To Valentine’s Day With These 14 Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love and what better way to show your loved ones how much you care than with a fun Countdown To Valentine’s Day. You can set it up similar to how you put up a Christmas advent calendar or you can simply surprise them each day with a new Valentine-themed activity. 

Plan out each day with a fun saying or activity designed to show your love. In our home, we decorate our kid’s doors each day for 14 days with different things we love about them. It’s easily one of our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions.

We call our Countdown to Valentine’s Day – 14 Acts Of Love. 

Here’s what you can do with your family to help you Countdown To Valentine’s Day. 





Day 1: Create A Valentine’s Day Mailbox. There are SO many fun DIY ideas you can find on Pinterest, but there are also really easy-to-use sets from Amazon, Target, and Walmart if DIY isn’t your thing. We create our mailbox on Day 1 because we use it throughout our Countdown To Valentine’s Day as you see over the next few days.


Valentine’s Day Mailboxes

Day 2: Write at least 10 (we do 14) things you love about each member of your family on a  decorative piece of paper and put it in their mailbox each night. Everyone’s day starts out beautifully reading what each member of our family loves about them. In our home, we take this a step further by decorating our door with hearts filled in with our love notes as mentioned above. 

Day 3: Valentine’s Day cards. On day 3 we make a list of all of those people in our life we want to give Valentine’s Day cards to and then get started creating them from scratch. Most Grandparents love getting handmade Valentine’s Day cards and I have every single card my kids ever made me. They make some beautiful memories. I love looking back at the cards from years past to think about how they were at the time they originally made them. 

Cupcake Cards


Paper Plane Valentine’s

Day 4:  Make a fun themed Valentine’s Day treat. This year we are all about making cupcakes from scratch. We found some great Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes on Pinterest. Here are some of our favorites:


Day 5: Host Valentine’s themed family movie night! If you are a long time reader of The Inspired Holiday then you know movie nights are our favorite family tradition. We try to have at least one movie night a week. For holidays and special events, we go all out with our movie nights including fun themed treats, party decor, and a family favorite movie. When it comes to Valentine’s Day we try to find a movie all about love that’s family-friendly. What’s more family-friendly than Disney? Any one of the Disney princess movies make for a great Valentine’s day themed movie night. Disney movies are great because it is so easy to create a mini party centered around what you are watching. 

Day 6: Create Valentine’s for your classmates. We like to make our school Valentine’s day at least a week before so we don’t have to rush. To avoid any issues with allergies we always make non-candy related cards and gifts for our friends. If you are stuck on ideas make sure you check out this post for all the best Valentine’s Day ideas for kid that don’t include food or candy. 

Day 7: Valentine’s Day is known as the flower holiday, right? Day 7 is a great day to make fun of a bouquet made of paper flowers. You can either keep the paper flowers for yourself, give them to a grandparent or even a teacher. 

Day 8: Valentine’s Day Breakfast or Brunch. On one of the weekend days leading up to Valentine’s day why not make a delicious breakfast inspired by love? You can make heart-shaped pancakes or a fun brunch themed charcuterie board. Go an extra step and serve it in bed! 

Day 9: Time to read about love. There are so many great books that talk about love, respect, and kindness – perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Day 10: Heart-shaped pizza night. Make homemade pizzas into heart shapes! This is one of our favorite ways to countdown to Valentine’s Day in our house. We love homemade pizza and use any excuse we can find to make them into fun shapes. 

Day 11: DANCE PARTY! Host a fun dance party with all love songs. You would be surprised how many upbeat love songs they are that you can dance to. 

Day 12: Valentine’s Day Box. Each year my husband and I grab a handful of fun Valentine’s day items from the $1 store and make our kids a fun bucket filled with silly Valentine’s Day-themed accessories, crafts, and candy. 

Day 13: The night before Valentine’s Day we always treat our kids to a date night they plan. We let them pick the restaurant and activity. This is something they look forward too every year. Our kids actually start planning their Valentine’s Day dates right after Christmas. They LOVE it.

Day 14: Let’s P-A-R-T-Y! Every Valentine’s Day we throw a mini party just for us. We fill our living room with red, white, and pink balloons, lots of hearts, and our favorite music. We celebrate each other in fun ways all day long. 

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