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The Easiest Monster Brownies To Make This Halloween

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Monster brownies are my favorite thing to bake with my kids every Halloween. They include all my favorite things – BOX MIX, silly sprinkles and my kids can help. The best part of monster brownies is that they can look any way you want them too! My kids love making fun Halloween treats together every year and this are a snap! You can tell by my photos that little hands helped in making these delicious Halloween treats. 

Another great thing about these particular monster brownies is that they make for a great classroom treat for Halloween parties, they can be massed produced for Halloween bake sales (and SELL out quickly!) and you can even use them at a kids baking party. Whatever you decide these monster brownies are both easy and delicious making them the BEST Halloween recipe to try with kids this year. 

The Easiest Monster Brownies To Make This Halloween




This Halloween recipe is s-i-m-p-l-e and designed for kids to help. Normally we make our baked goods from scratch but I raised too little bakers so reaching for box mix makes things SO much easier. Kids will love help mix in the water and oil – if you are an adventurous Mama you can let them help crack the egg!


First, follow the direction on the box – BOOM. My grandma might disagree but box mix brownies are delicious especially when baking with kids. Once your brownies are down – gently place down your monster eyes while the brownies are still warm. You can stop at this step OR you can keep going and add some more Halloween flair – like my darling daughter did with these. 




This may sound repetitive BUT monsters all look different, which again makes these a great choice when your kids want to bake a holiday treat. Some years we stop with just some candy eyes, but there have been years where we’ve gone all out to include icing, sugar, candy corn, mini candy pumpkins etc. I included photos of some options to you might what to include when making your own. 




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