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Delicious Halloween Desserts for Kids

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Halloween is one of my families favorite holidays! If you are a fan of The Inspired Holiday you know we love our holiday traditions and making festive treats is one of our favorite things to do together. This year I was on the hunt for the most delicious Halloween desserts for kids and my blogging friends did not disappoint. With their help, I was able to put together this mega list of delicious Halloween desserts your kids will love to not only make but eat! Halloween is such a magical time of year for kids so I try to find ways to extend the season for as long as possible. As I always say kids are only going to be little for such a short time. Let’s find some delicious Halloween desserts for kids.

Delicious Halloween Treats for Kids

 1 – Halloween Trifle

Halloween Trifle by Dancing Through the Rain is easy to make and delicious to boot! My kids love making holiday-themed treats with peeps. Do your kids love peeps too?

2 – Halloween Themed Caramel Apples

Halloween Themed Caramel Apples by Savvy Coupon Couple might be my personal favorite on this list of delicious Halloween desserts because I L-O-V-E caramel apples! Do you have a favorite fall treat? My kids know as soon as the weather gets cooler Mama is on the lookout for the perfect caramel apple. I cannot wait to make these with them this year!

3 – Snow White Poison Apple Pie Pops

Snow White Poison Apple Pie Pops by Let’s Eat Cake are the furthest thing from poisonous! My family and made these last year and I’m here to tell you they are absolutely delicious. The directions are easy to follow and everyone loved them.

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4 – Jack Skellington Oreo Balls

Jack Skellington Oreo Balls by Paper Angels Vlog are on our must-try list for Halloween this year. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of our favorite movies of all time and we love making Jack Skellington themed treats to eat while we watch the movie every October. Honestly, the combination of Jack Skellington and Oreos is basic the power couple of my kid’s dreams.

5 – Oreo Spiders

Oreo Spiders by Bless This Mess Please are so simple to make! For the list of the most delicious Halloween desserts for kids, it was important that I included no-bake treats. As a Mom, my intentions are always good, but let’s be honest there isn’t always time to do everything you want to do, right? I find this especially true when it comes to the holidays. These no-bake oreo spiders are festive, delicious and SUPER easy to make – I call this a home run! Do you have any no-bake treats I can try this year? Let me know in comments!

6 – Monster Toe Pops

Monster Toe Pops by The Tip Toe Fairy look like so much to make. Kids love anything on a stick and I think these monster pops will be a huge hit!

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7 – Monster Brownies

Monster Brownies by Gastronom are right up my kid’s alley. The ingredient list includes tons of kid-friendly items including candy eyes, chocolate, and holiday Oreos. When compiling roundups like this I always try including my kids and Tyler was extremely vocal about his excitement towards these scary yet delicious looking treats.

8 – Pumpkin Flavored Caramels 

Pumpkin Flavored Caramels by Spabettie are at the top of our list for this Halloween. Growing up my Mom ran a handmade chocolate business out of our home and would let me help whenever appropriate. Her business is long gone, but the family tradition of making holiday chocolates is still going strong. Each year I try to find a new holiday mold or recipe we can all do together. This year is all about these pumpkin-flavored Caramels made in a skeleton mold.

9 – Pumpkin and Cat Peanut Butter Balls

Pumpkin and Cat Peanut Butter Balls by The Monday Box are not only delicious but so simple to recreate with your own family. Both of my children love peanut butter flavored treats and they can easily make these without limited help from me. Since my kiddos are itty bitty they loved creating their own treats ( and messes!) in the kitchen by themselves so I’m always on the hunt for recipes they can do without much of an assist from me.

10 – Purple Monster Cupcakes

10 –

Purple Monster Cupcakes by Kelly’s Thoughts on Things are perfect for a classroom Halloween party. Cupcakes are pretty standard for a kid’s holiday-themed party and I’m big on bringing something the kids will get a kick out of eating. These purple monster cupcakes what I plan on recreating for all the Halloween parties my kids have this year.

11 – Frankenstein Cupcakes

Frankenstein Cupcakes by Rainboats and Ruffles are another fun cupcake option for kid’s Halloween parties this year. As I mentioned, cupcakes are always a hit among kiddos and these Frankie cupcakes are super simple to recreate with your own family.

12 – Eyeball Cake Pops

Eyeball Cake Pops by A Girl Worth Saving are a healthy alternative to the typical Halloween desserts for kids. These particular cake pops are both grain and gluten-free. You can still make you kids fun and festive Halloween treats even if they have dietary restrictions.

13 – Raspberry Mummies

Raspberry Mummies by Veggie Desserts are a fun play on a classic fruit pie. My kids love all different pies so I thought these would be fun to try to make as a Halloween treat. Raspberry is my daughters favorite so I think these will be a hit.

14 – Eyeball Truffles

Eyeball Truffles by Steam Powered Family are a great idea for kids to make as a treat. Normally truffle recipes a simple and easy for kids to recreate. This particular will require some help from me to help make the eyeballs but I think they are going to be fun to make together.

15 – Bloody Cupcakes

Bloody Cupcake by Nerdy Mamma are different options when it comes to cupcakes but some kids might not love eating something that’s supposed to remind them of blood. My 8yr old is super into Zombies and the horror movie genre so he may like making these, but I doubt my 5yr old daughter would even take a bite.

16 – Pumpkin Brownie Pizza

Pumpkin Brownie Pizza by Finding Zest is a great idea to bring to a Halloween party. It’s big enough to feed a bunch of people and makes quite a statement in the middle of a dessert table.

17 – Monster Halloween Popcorn

Monster Halloween Popcorn by Recipes from a Pantry isn’t a dessert per se but a Halloween treat kids are sure to love. Sometimes my kids prefer a savory treat or a standard dessert so I thought this popcorn was a perfect addition to this list. Plus, if you are at all familiar with The Inspired Holiday you know my family loves a good old fashioned movie night – especially a holiday-themed movie night!


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18 – Halloween Candy Bark

Halloween Candy Bark by Honey and Lime is a touch more labor-intensive than the previous recipes on this list, but well worth it. Candy bark is something my family tries to make for every holiday and this Halloween version is something we can’t wait to try!


19 – Sally Stitched Up Cookies

Sally Stitched Up Cookies by Chicken Scratch NY are a tradition in our household! As I mentioned earlier our family loves watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sally is Simone’s favorite character. I found these Sally cookies a few years back the kids and I make them every single year. They are both delicious and super fun to make!

20 – Vampire Doughnuts

Vampire Doughnuts by Mom Foodies are the easiest things to recreate on this list. If you can’t bake or don’t enjoy baking these are for you! All you need is a dozen doughnuts, a pack of plastic vampire teeth, a tub of red icing and some candy eyes  – viola! You have a fun and festive treat ready to eat in mere minutes!

21 – Mummy Cakes

Mummy Cakes by Protecting Your Pennies is another wonderful no-bake option. To be honest, I need all the no-bake options! I want to bake all the goodies on this list, but sometimes I just want something easy!

22 – Rice Krispy Treat Brains

Rice Krispy Treat Brains by Sprinkles and Sprouts are at the tippy top of my son’s list to make for this Halloween. Gross looking yet delicious is Tyler’s dream combination for a Halloween dessert.

23 – Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes by For Modern Kids are yummo! I can say this because we made two batches of these cute little cupcakes last year. In this house, we love all things pumpkin spice so these cupcakes were an obvious choice to make!

24 – Mummy Cake Pops

Mummy Cake Pops by Foodal are adorable. Cake pops are a great choice to make for parties because they are so easy to eat. Anything on a stick makes for a great kid’s treat!

25 – Halloween Marshmallow Pops

Halloween Marshmallow Pops by Just is a Four Letter Word is a great alternative to cake pops. If your kids love marshmallows these are for you. They are so much fun for kids to make and delicious to boot!













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