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The Ultimate List of Snow Day Activities

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A Snow Day in NYC

We are about to get a massive snowstorm this weekend here in NYC and I’m already freaking out. My kids LOVE snow days, but as a work, at home Mom, they can be challenging. I remind myself they are only going to be little once and to enjoy the moments. Something I found that helps a TON is to have a plan of snow day activities at the ready so I’m always prepared for a change in my schedule.

One thing I found that helped me prepare this list is thinking back on what I personally loved doing on a snow day as a child. If I think hard enough, I can remember the joy and wonder a snow day brought me as a child and how I want to recreate that magic for my own kids. This year I decided to make the ultimate list of snow day activities so I’m ready for anything. 

Is there a snow day in your upcoming forecast, don’t fret! Here’s a list of some new and old favorite ways of keeping your children entertained as the snowfalls. Better yet, I included some ideas from my blogging pals and my favorite snow day products you can find on Amazon! What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day? Let me know in the comments.

This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase off a link on this page I may make a small commission.

The Ultimate List of Snow Day Activities

Indoor Snow Day Activites

1. Make Delicious Snow Day Hot Chocolate

Is it even a snow day without hot chocolate?  Nothing quite sets the mood for a perfect snow day like a delicious cup of hot chocolate.  My children and I love to start our snow day with a warm cup of homemade hot chocolate. One thing we do to make it extra special is to add fun marshmallow toppers. These snowman toppers are our absolute favorite! Look at how fun! Something else I invested in a couple of years back since NYC gets tons of snow days every year are these adorable hot chocolate mugs that take up no room in my cabinets. My children know if they see snow on the ground it’s time to grab these mugs from the cabinet.














2.  Make A Fun Snow Day Snack or Treat

One thing my children and I do every snow day is bake or make a fun treat.  During the regular workweek, there isn’t always a ton of time for my kids to be in the kitchen between school and activities but they both love to cook. Here are a couple of fun snow day themed treats you can make with your family.

Olaf Cookies by The Inspiration Edit

Snow Ice Cream By Joyfully Thriving


3. Plan a fun game themed Snow Day!

Legos, board games and craft kits are our favorite way to spend a snow day. My son is super into Harry Potter right now so Santa brought him this set for Christmas and the first thing he said was he wanted to save it for the first snow day of 2019. We are looking forward to starting it this weekend. Board games are a fun and easy way to pass the time on a snow day. Each of the kids gets to pick one game to play.

4. Make Some Snow Day Crafts

Are you a creative person? Crafts are a wonderful way to enjoy a snow day. We always have a craft kit on hand to get us through a snow day, but I also wanted to include some craft ideas for my blogging friends. These are just a handful of ideas I’m planning to try this year.

Snowman Slime Activity by The Best Ideas for Kids

Painting on Snow By Messy Little Monsters

Snowman Craft and Printable by Messy Little Monster

5. Movie Day

What’s better than cuddling on a cold, snowy day? Thankfully both of my kids are still cuddle monsters which makes my heart so happy. We love to pop in one of our favorite movies, make some popcorn and get under the covers!


6 | Indoor Snowball Fight

Cabin fever is very, very real on a snow day and both my kids cannot wait to get outside to play. Snowball fights are something both of them look forward too as soon as they see the first flake of snow hit the ground. Here in NYC, it could take hours or even days before we can get out to play in the snow so when I found this indoor snowball fight kit I knew I had to have it. Is it a bit ridiculous? Yep, however, it really helps battle the cabin fever a snow day in NYC causes.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Outdoor Snow Day Activities

1.  Build a Fort

Kids of all ages love to play outside in the snow. Snow days are a magical time in a child’s life and being outdoors helps add to the magic. One way to have fun playing outdoors on a snow day is by building a massive snow fort. My family loves this kit from Amazon that helps my children make the perfect block of snow to add to their fort. Prepare for hours of fun building forts with your family.

Snow Block Sculptor

2.  Paint the Snow

Both kids think it’s hysterical to paint the snow outside. Snow painting kits can entertain kids for hours! Remember when you were little and you didn’t want to come inside until you were nearly frostbitten? That’s my kids. They LOVE playing and painting in the snow. Here’s our favorite snow painting kit

3. Host a Snow Ball Fight

It’s not really a snow day until you have a battle royale with snowballs. You can make all the snowballs you want with your hands, I mean that’s what we did when we were kids, right? Last year I stumbled upon this kit while looking for unique Christmas gifts for my kids and I could not pass it up! It turned out to be one of the best things we got for Christmas. It’s a custom snowball kit that works great!


4. Go Sledding

No snow day is complete without a fun day of sledding. Our local parks have some of the best small hills for the kids to ride on. Thankfully, I was able to find inflatable sleds this year since we don’t have much room to store an old fashioned style sled. They work great and make sledding so much fun!


5. Build a Snowman

We save the best for last! The perfect snowday always includes building the most incredible snowman. I like to end our day out in the snow by building a fun snowman together, but sometimes my little one begs to start the day by building a snow buddy. Here’s a fun snowman kit I found on Amazon that includes all the best essentials.

Snowdays are the best days.  I hope you were able to find some fun things to do with your family when it snows this year. What is your favorite thing to do on a snowy day? Let me know in the comments below.




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