Unique and Silly April Holidays

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Spring is officially here so what better way to celebrate than with the unique and silly April holidays. April is a great time to celebrate all things silly because we’ve all been cooped up all Winter. Now its time to get out in the sun and celebrate! Or make the most of an April shower with these super fun ideas! Let’s see what unique and silly holidays April has in store!


Unique and Silly April Holidays

April 1st – April Fool’s Day

It’s the best day to play a prank on someone just remember to be kind. Mean pranks aren’t fun for anyone

April 2nd – Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

Peanut Butter Jelly Dayyyyyyy. Why not try fun and interesting PB&J combo you haven’t had before?

April 3rd – Exercise Day

Time to get fit! What’s your favorite exercise to do?

April 4th – Ride a Bike Day

Get outside and ride a bike! The sun is calling your name.

April 5th – Go For it Day

Do something you’ve put off for a while. Today is your chance to make things happen!

April 6th -Tartan Day

Rock your favorite plaid!

April 7th – Beer Day

Have a pint of your favorite beer

April 8th – Draw a picture of a bird day

Which bird are you going to draw? An owl, penguin, duck, or even big bird?

April 9th – Look up a Quote Day

Today is a perfect day to find an inspirational quote to motivate you

April 10th – Siblings Day

Be kind to your brother and sister today

April 11th – Barbershop Quartet Day

I love the Barbershop Quartet at Disney World on Main Street U.S.A. – Have you seen them perform?

April 12th – Grilled Cheese Day

Try melting a new cheese on a fancy type of bread to celebrate

April 13th – Scrabble Day

What are your favorite words to use in a game of Scrabble?

April 14th – Look Up at the Sky Day

Take time today to admire our gorgeous sky

April 15th – Rubber Eraser Day

Today is the perfect excuse to head to the store to buy an adorable new eraser set

April 16th – Librarian Day

Say thank you to your local librarian

April 17th – Bat Appreciation Day

Look up some fun bat facts

April 18th – Animal Crackers Day

 Yummy! Serve with milk.

April 19th – Garlic Day

Enjoy a loaf of delicious garlic bread

April 20th – Look – Alike Day

Celebrate the people who look like you!

April 21st – Kindergarten Day

Show appreciation to your Kindergarten teacher

April 22nd – Jelly Bean Day

Create artwork using jelly beans.

April 23rd – Take a Chance Day

Do something you’ve never done before!

April 24th – Pig in a Blanket Day

Wrap your mini hot dog in pretzel dough as a way to mix it up

April 25th  – Telephone Day

Learn about Alexander Graham Bell

April 26th – Get Organized Day

Organize space in your house

April 27th – Prime Rib Day

Time to enjoy a delicious meal

April 28th – Superhero Day

Let’s save the world today!

April 29th – International Dance Day

Break out your best dance moves!

April 30th – Honesty Day

Honesty is the best policy

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