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Fun and Unique Spring Activities for your Family

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Spring is almost here. It’s the perfect time for some fun and unique Spring activities for your family. Having a list of Spring activities for your family will help you say goodbye to Winter with a big smile! The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. My family L-O-V-E-S Spring, does you? Are you searching for the best things to do with your family this Spring? Well, you are in luck! I curated a list of the best things to do with your family this Spring. You will also find a printable version at the end of this post so you never miss a beat!

It’s the perfect time of year to get outside to see the flower bloom, trees turning green or simply to enjoy the glorious weather. This is a great time to teach your children about nature and all things Spring.

Spring is the best time of year to make memories with your family. No more jackets! You can get outside and really enjoy the sunshine. I mean who doesn’t L-O-V-E Spring? No seriously, find me someone who doesn’t love Spring? How could you not love being outside in the warmth with flowers in bloom? Pure perfection.

With that said, I created this list of over 50 fun and unique spring activities for your family so you can squeeze every.last.second out of the glorious weather! Spring comes but once a year so we need to make the most of it, because our kids are only this age once! 

Before we get into the good stuff I would love it if you pinned this or shared it with your friends. Before you leave, I would love it if you told me what activity you are going to try or if there’s something you do with your family in the Spring that I missed. Thank you so much! And now onto the good stuff!

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Here’s a list of Fun and Unique Spring Activities for your Family

Pick Berries

Feed ducks

Climb a tree

Read Outside

Dance in the rain

Go puddle jumping

Draw flowers

Visit downtown

Play a sport

Watch a new movie

Start a garden

Go stargazing

Look for daffodils

Fly a kite

Have a picnic

Do an art project

Learn how plants grow

Enjoy the sunshine

Blow bubbles

Play tag

Get family photos

Make a bird feeder

Go to a baseball game

Visit a farm

Go horseback riding

Look for baby birds

Fly a paper airplane

Go for a walk

Take pictures of nature

Play a backyard game

Listen to Spring music

Make Play-Doh

Go hiking

Donate old clothes

Plant flowers

Play a sport

Jump rope

Create a backyard obstacle course

Play hopscotch

Pick up litter

Wash a car

Play hide & seek

Go to a farmer’s market

Go to a playground

Visit the zoo

Do a Pinterest craft or recipe

Watch butterflies

Start a journal

Help out at an animal shelter

Go on a bike ride

Do a random act of kindness

Visit some place new

Make a rainbow with sidewalk chalk

Play catch

Tell me what are you going to do this Spring? Did I miss something? Feel free to comment below and let me know. I LOVE hearing from all of you. Happy Spring!

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