Unique and Silly July Holidays

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July is H-O-T am I right? Summer is in full swing and that means the kids are looking for boredom busters. One way to combat Summer boredom is by celebrating the unique and silly July holidays. Yes, July is the month we celebrate America, but let’s see what else there is to celebrate this month.

July 1st – Knock Knock Joke Day

Gather everyone around and tell them your favorite knock-knock joke.

July 2nd – UFO Day

A perfect way to spend UFO day is to watch E.T. as a family. Bonus: it’s a great way to beat the heat!

July 3rd –  Bean Burrito Day

What a delicious way to spend a day! What do you include in your burritos? I’m a “works” kinda gal.

July 4th – America’s Birthday – 4th of July

Light the sparklers and celebrate our, gorgeous nation! America, the beautiful home of the free because of the brave.

July 5th – Apple Turnover Day

By now its way too hot to make fresh apple turnover so why not pop by your local bakery to pick some up for your family to enjoy.

July 6th – Kiss Day

Time to give your loved one’s extra kisses today.

July 7th – Macaroni Day

Have come macaroni salad, pasta salad or make a macaroni necklace with the kids.

July 8th – Video Game Day

Gamers rejoice! It’s the day Mom should let them have extra time to play their video games.

July 9th – Sugar Cookie Day

Yes, it’s hot but it might be worth putting the oven on to make a fresh batch of sugar cookies for everyone

July 10th – Smoothie Day

Strawberry, banana, strawberry banana, what kind of smoothie will you make yourself today?

July 11th – Blueberry Muffin Day

Today is the perfect day to head over to your favorite coffee shop for a tasty blueberry muffin

July 12th – Pecan Pie Day

My favorite! Head to your favorite Farmer’s Market and grab yourself a fresh pecan pie to enjoy

July 13th – French Fry Day

A favorite for kids everywhere. Treat your family to some fries with their meals today.

July 14th – Shark Day

One perfect way to celebrate is by watching Jaws as a family.

July 15th –  Donation Day

It’s the perfect day to give back.  Gather up your belongings you no longer need and donate them to a local shelter or Good Will.

July 16th- Peach Ice Cream

Today is an excellent excuse to try some peach ice cream

July 17th – Hot Dog Day

Fire up the grill and throw on some dogs – it’s Hot Dog day!

July 18th – Raspberry Cake Day

If you love raspberries this day if for you. Grab a delicious piece of raspberry cake and enjoy!

July 19th – Neil Armstrong Day

It’s on this day that Neil Armstrong walked on the surface on the moon. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

July 20th – Junk Food Day

Kids around the world love this day – they get an excuse to eat their favorite junk foods. Do you have favorite junk food? Let me know in the comment below.

July 21st – Read Outside Day

Today is the day to take a break outside with your favorite book.

July 22nd – Vanilla Ice Cream Float Day

Try a new vanilla flavored frosty beverage.

July 23rd – Old Joke Today

This is the day meant for telling your favorite joke!

July 24th – Drive-Thru Day

No cooking needed today! Head to your favorite drive through to grab a bite!

July 25th – National Wine and Cheese Day

Could this be the best day of the year? Maybe! Why not try a new wine and cheese combo you haven’t had before?

July 26th – Bagel Day

As a NYer this day is near and dear to my heart. Do you have a favorite type of bagel?

July 27th – Dance Party Day

Put on your favorite hams and DANCE!

July 28th – Milk Chocolate Day

Mix up your milk and enjoy!

July 29th – Lipstick Day

Test out a new shade of lipstick you’ve been dying to try – it’s your day!

July 30th – Lasagna Day

Maybe try a veggie lasagna instead of traditional.

July 31st – Avocado Day

Guacamole for everyone!

July is a great time to celebrate. The kids are home from school and you are looking for ways to keep the kids busy why not celebrate the unique and silly July holidays? Let me know which one you decided to try in the comments below! Have fun!


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