July 4th Coordinating Family Outfits

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Everyone will tell you that I use every excuse to have my family wear coordinating outfits. I’m the queen on matchy matchy and I never apologize for it. The holidays are the perfect time to find fun coordinating outfits for your family. 4th of July is easily one of my favorite holidays to find fun outfits for my family to wear. What’s more fun than rocking stars n stripes while watching a gorgeous firework display?

My options used to be limited when it came to finding my family matching outfits. I knew I could rely on Old Navy and their famous 4th of July t-shirts, but I prefer something a tad more exciting than the usual stand by’s. Amazon makes it super easy to find lots of options to help your family coordinate for all of the holidays. I went ahead and curated a list of my favorite Amazon 4th of July finds so you could find all the best pieces in one stop.

Please note that all the links found in those post are considered affiliate links, which simply means if you purchase anything by clicking a link in this post I make a small commission. Thank you for always supporting The Inspired Holiday. Now on to the 4th of July coordinating family looks.

Without further adieu here are all of the coordinating 4th of July coordinating family outfits you can find on Amazon.

Baby’s 1st 4th of July

In this section, it’s all about your babies the first 4th. My sweet Simone was born on July 1st and we took our little firecracker home on the 4th. My favorite family photo of all time is our 4th of July photo with my itty bitty baby in an overwhelming tutu outfit. Here are some great options for your baby’s first 4th of July.


Stars and Stripes Romper

This adorable stars and stripes romper set is perfect for a family cookout or firework display. It’s made from a comfortable material that will allow your little one to stay nice and cool while celebrating the 4th with your family. You can find it on Amazon here


My First 4th of July Tutu

As I mentioned, I LOVE tutus on babies. Simone was nearly engulfed in her 4th of July outfit and it remains one of my favorite photos of all-time. Personally, I’ve purchased this set as a baby gift before and the quality is great! I love that it comes with cute little leg warmers – not something you technically need in the Summer months – but cute none the less. You can find it on Amazon here. 


My First 4th of July Shorts Set

Up first for the baby boys is this adorable short set commemorating their first 4th of July. Look at those adorable stars and stripe shorts – could the be any cuter? Once again the material is light enough to ensure your little buddy stays nice and cool on America’s birthday. You can find it on Amazon here. 

4th of July Bow-tie Set

Are you a sucker for a bow-tie? I certainly am! Tyler recently turned 8 and he’s still rocking a bow-tie. This adorable set is perfect for your baby boy’s first 4th of July celebration. You can find it on Amazon here.


Kids 4th of July Outfits

In this section, you will find festive options for the kids in your life. As I mentioned, my family LOVES coordinating for the holidays so I was lucky enough to have my kids help curate this section. Everything you see here was picked directly by my daughter {5} and my son {8}. Basically, these options are kid approved! Let’s get to it. Here’s the 4th of July coordinating outfits for kids.

Stars & Stripes Toddler Dress

Simone picked this adorable printed dress for the toddlers in your life. This dress is so simple but oh so festive. I love that it has the matching diaper/panty cover so the little girl doesn’t have to worry about running around. You can find this cutie on Amazon here.


Floss Like a Boss

Tyler loves the floss dance! When he saw this as an option for the 4th of July he literally gasped – we ordered it on the spot. I actually planned my families coordinating outfits around this silly shirt. Tyler cannot wait to rock this shirt while flossing all over the Jersey shore this 4th of July. You can find it on Amazon here.


Firework Dress

The detail on this dress is absolutely darling. The ruffled layered skirt really adds some flair any little girl is sure to love. Even though there is a lot of dress its made of a cool enough material that your little one should be comfortable on the hottest of days. You can find this firecracker number on Amazon here

Kids Drawn Flag Shirt

The next option for boys is this fun and festive kid drawn flag shirt. I find it so sweet companies incorporate kid designed pieces into their collection. Tyler loved the idea that a kid designed this shirt and had to add it to his selection for our post. I try to incorporate a gray based t-shirt for the boys when coordinating my families outfit since it easy to match and helps all of the other colors pop. You can find this shirt on Amazon here.


One Shoulder Star Dress

Simone’s personal choice for this 4th of July is this gorgeous one shoulder start dress. The red and blue detailing with the ruffled neckline makes this some a feminine little piece I know she’s going to love wearing. You can find this dress on Amazon here.


Dad 4th of July Selections

It’s Dad’s turn. To be honest, I didn’t find a ton of 4th of July specific items I love for Joe. Usually, he pops on a solid colored polo shirt that coordinates with whatever the kids and I are wearing. In the case of 4th of July, he normally wears a red, blue and in the rare chance, he doesn’t have one of those colors: white. I did find a couple of items I wanted to share with you just to be safe that I covered all of your family members. Now on to the Dad 4th of July coordinating fashion finds.

Tuxedo T-Shirt

My husband loves a festive tuxedo t-shirt! I believe he has one for every holiday and that’s no exaggeration. As soon as Tyler saw this shirt on Amazon he immediately asked me if his Dad one – we checked and he did not! We grabbed it and gave it to him for Father’s Day. He can’t wait to wear it – ha! He’ll still wear a solid polo for family photos, but this shirt will get its fair share of fun. You can find this Tuxedo tee on Amazon here. 


Patriotic Romper

There was no way I could write this post without adding this 4th of July romper. Somewhere a Dad is dying to get their hands on this glorious piece of fabric to assist him in embarrassing his children. I know once my kids are older Joe would pay good money for this outfit. You can find this must have iconic fashion statement on Amazon here.

4th of July Coordinating Looks for Mom

We saved the best for last – Mom. In this section, you will find a variety of looks for Mom to wear this 4th of July. You can choose from dresses, tops, shorts, kimonos – you name it and it’s here. Let’s jump right in. Here’s are some 4th of July coordinating looks for Mom.


Patriotic Button Cami

A great option for so many different body types. I bought this to year this 4th of July in a size L and it looks great. My plan is to pair it with a pair of high waisted white shorts. You can find it on Amazon here.


Short Sleeve Tie Up Shirt

Here is a short sleeve option if you prefer more coverage especially from the hot Summer sun. I love the cut of this shirt because I don’t like wearing anything too form fitting – this is just loose enough. You can find it on Amazon here. 

Stars and Stripe Atheltic Shorts

A pair of shorts was a must have for this list because if you are anything like you spend a big portion of the 4th of July in the yard with your family. In fact, the 4th of July is our annual family water fun palooza. Every person for themselves. I picked up these shorts specifically for that event and then they will be added into my Summer pajama rotation. I love things that are multi-purpose. You can find these shorts on Amazon here.

Tunic Tank

Love the back detailing on this top. It’s got that faded look that’s very on trend this Summer and super comfy. It’s long enough that you don’t have to worry about it riding up while you go about your day celebrating America, the beautiful. You can find this tank on Amazon here.

Stars and Stripes Midi Dress

The colors on this dress are so bright and vibrant. If you are a fan of wearing a dress for the Summer holidays then this is the perfect choice for you. Personally, I have it in a few prints and it fits great! You can grab one for yourself on Amazon here.

Patriotic Sheer Kimono

One of my favorite pieces to chose from any holiday is an add on kimono. This patriotic one is the perfect choice for the 4th of July. Pair it with a classic white tee, some cut offs and viola you have a fabulous ‘n festive outfit! You can find this on Amazon here.


Mommy and Me

Before I wrapped up this post I couldn’t help but add a couple of Mommy & Me sets I found while curating this list. Simone and I LOVE wearing exact matches. These dress sets were far too adorable not to include. Here are some of our favorites:


Stars & Stripes Mommy & Me Set

Simone and I decided to purchase this set the minute we found it. In our house, patriotic gear is worn all Summer long. The material of these dresses also makes them great cover-ups so we know we will get lots of use of them. You can get your own set right here on Amazon.


Mommy & Me Striped Maxi’s

Maxi’s are always a great choice for a Summer holiday since they are fashionable, comfortable and keep you cool all day. These Mommy & Me maxis are the perfect choice for you and your mini-me to rock this 4th of July. You can find them on Amazon here.  










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