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Bridgerton Gift Ideas Lady Wistledown Would Approve Of

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Bridgerton has taken the world by storm and with it a ton of fabulous Bridgerton gift ideas. The Netflix series based on the best-selling book series is all anyone can talk about these days. It’s the perfect mix of humor, romance, drama, and a bit of spice. The Duke of Hastings swept us off our feet and helped us escaped from our worries even if it was only for a short time. Eight episodes almost felt like a joke – how were there not at least 10 episodes?! I’m already craving a season 2, how about you? While we wait patiently to see what our favorite Bridgertons are up to here are some great Bridgerton gift ideas to help keep the allure alive. 

The critics were right when they called it Gossip Girl meets Jane Austen. Here are the best gift ideas for the Briderton fan in your life. They are available from another one of life’s pleasures – Amazon Prime. Now let’s get to it before we wind up in Little Whistledown latest scathing review.

Lady Whistledown Society Paper T Shirt

First up is this fun Lady Whistledown themed t-shirt. Clothing is always a great choice to give as a gift especially when gifting yourself. That was meant for me since I purchased this the moment I found it. 

I Burn For You Candle

Novelty candles are a great gift idea for the Briderton fandom. Reading by candlelight gives you quite the 19th century England vibe.




Bridgerton Quote Coloring Book

When I tell you that I squealed in delight when I found this Bridgerton Quote Coloring Book because I know this will help fill the void while I wait in anticipation for season 2. Adulting coloring books and a set of good color pencils always make such a gorgeous presentation when gift-giving. 

Lady Whistledown Mug

Any Bridgerton fan would love a delicious cup of English Breakfast tea in this perfect Lady Whistledown mug. 

Bridgerton 2021 Calendar

Countdown to Bridgerton season 2 with this themed wall calendar. Kick-off each month of the year with the gorgeous aesthetics that helped make Bridgerton into the raging success it is. 



Lady Whistledown Planner and Journal

Plan your year the Lady Whistledown way with this gorgeous journal. Out of all the gifts in this Bridgerton gift guide, I think this is my favorite. When in doubt, stationery, planners, or journals make for incredible gifts. Stationery gifts  of some kind are always in my gifting container in case I need a last-minute gift idea. 

Shall We Promenade Journal

Since Bridgerton premiered many of my friends now say “shall we promenade” instead of let’s take a walk. It’s so silly, but we get a kick out of being goofballs. This beautiful lined journal is something I bought in a pack of 6 so I have to gift as party favors for my 40th birthday Bridgerton themed brunch later this year (fingers crossed I can still have it). 

The Diamond Of The Season

My best friend’s birthday is the first day of Spring and she’s a HUGE tea drinker – isn’t this the PERFECT gift? A little play on words makes for a fun gift-giving experience. I wrote a fun birthday letter on Lady Whistledown notecards I designed to add to the gift. She’s going to love it and maybe a Bridgerton fan in your life will love it just as much.


The Bridgerton Book Series

Last but not least, what do you think is the best Bridgerton gift idea you can give? Simple! The book series that the hit television series is based on. Since we wrapped up watching the series my friends and I started reading the books. There are two gals in my group that read them years ago but decided to reread them with us so we could do an unofficial book club. I HIGHLY recommend reading the book. Yes, the television series was fabulous but the books are incredible. This is a true gift for any Bridgerton fan. 

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