Different and Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

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Baby’s first holidays are so exciting! Easter is one holiday where you can have lots of fun with your bundle of joy. The first Easter basket can be a bit tricky, but not to worry! We curated a list of different and unique Easter basket ideas for babies. You are no longer need to spend hours searching for Easter basket ideas because they are all right here.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase from the links on this page.

Babies First Easter Basket

My First Easter Basket

This plush Easter basket toy is the perfect filler for your baby’s first Easter. It’s super soft and includes all the elements of Easter making it irresistible. Cute and easy make this toy a must have Easter basket filler.

Carrot Teether

Is your baby teething? Why not add this adorable carrot themed teether into their Easter basket this year. Adorable and functional makes this product the perfect fit this Easter. Grab you carrot teether here

Egg sorter

Egg Matching Toy

As your baby grows, so does their need for different types of toys. This egg matching toy is wonderful for fine motor skills, color recognition and much more. Most parents want their children’s toys to be both functional and educational. This toy meets both of those requirements. You can get this egg matching toy here


Where are baby's

Where are Baby’s Easter Eggs?

Where are Baby’s…book series is a wonderful edition to any holiday with Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs being no egg-ception {see what I did there}. This book is filled with bright, colorful pictures sure to grab your baby’s attention. Reading to your children is such a sweet tradition so including fun Easter themed books to their basket is a no-brainer. Get your copy now. 

Easter Egg Shakers

Music and babies go hand in hand! These fun Easter egg shakers make a fun sound your baby is sure to love. Have fun making music with your kids with this fun set. You can get your own Easter egg shakers here. 

Easter Rattle

Easter Bunny Rattle

Rattles are a timeless classic and this plush Easter bunny rattle is the perfect addition to the season. An Easter bunny rattle is a must-have item to put into your baby’s Easter basket this year and you can find this gorgeous trinket right here. 

Ocean Sounds Toy

Let’s move away from the Easter themed basket fillers for just a moment to take toys. Toys are a wonderful idea to add to your baby’s Easter basket. This ocean sounds toy is easy to use and filled with fun things to try. We often get wrapped up into the thematic parts of a holiday, but it’s important to mix it up with classic pieces such as this ocean sounds toy.

Easter Egg finger puppets

Easter Egg Finger Puppets

Babies love puppets {or at least some of them do} and these Easter egg finger puppets are so adorable. You get a big selection that will help you fill up your baby’s Easter basket in no time. Have fun making up silly voices for your new friends. These finger puppets can be found here. 

Plush Duck with Quacky Noise

Melissa and Doug, my favorite toy company, make this adorable plush duck that’s perfect for your baby’s first Easter basket. It’s soft, safe and makes a sweet quacking noise any baby is sure to love. This adorable little guy can be found here. 

Baby's First Holiday Blanket

Baby’s First Holiday Milestone Blanket

Saved the best for last. Make a memory to last a lifetime with this adorable milestone blanket


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