Easy Ways To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Easter

Babys Wearing Bunny Ears

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As a new parent, celebrating your baby’s first Easter is a special and exciting time. Your baby isn’t going t remember their first Easter but you sure will so why not try to incorporate some of these simple ways to make your baby’s first Easter memorable for the whole family.

Here are some easy ways to make your baby’s first Easter memorable:

Take Easter-themed photos

  1. Take some cute and festive Easter-themed photos of your baby. You could dress them up in an Easter outfit, add some props, and take photos in front of Easter decorations.

Decorate your baby’s room

  1. Decorate your baby’s room with Easter-themed decorations such as bunnies, eggs, and pastel colors. This will add a festive touch to their space and make the holiday feel special.

Plan an Easter egg hunt

  1. Even if your baby is too young to participate in an Easter egg hunt, you can still hide some eggs around the house for them to discover. You could also include some small toys or treats inside the eggs for them to enjoy.

Make an Easter-themed meal

  1. Make an Easter-themed meal for your family to enjoy. This could include Easter ham, deviled eggs, and carrot cake. Even if your baby is too young to eat solid food, they can still enjoy watching and being a part of the festivities.

Read Easter books

  1. Read Easter-themed books to your baby. There are many board books available that feature bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs that your baby will enjoy. I bought each of my children this personalized book for their first Easter and they still love reading it every year.
First Easter Baby Gift  Personalized Children's Book My image 1
Personalized First Easter Storybook

How To Catch The Easter Bunny

Attend an Easter parade or event

  1. Check your local area for any Easter parades or events that you and your baby can attend. This will provide an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy some festive activities.

Create an Easter basket for your baby

  1. Create an Easter basket for your baby filled with age-appropriate toys and treats. You could include items like teething toys, plush bunnies, and pacifiers.

How cute are this wooden tags for your baby’s first basket? I love personalized holiday items for babies.

Decorate Easter eggs

  1. While your baby may be too young to participate, you can still decorate Easter eggs with older siblings or family members. This will add a fun and festive touch to your home.

Donate to a children’s charity

  1. In the spirit of giving, consider making a donation to a children’s charity in honor of your baby’s first Easter. This is a great way to spread joy and make the holiday meaningful.

Dress Them Up In Their Sunday Best

10. Easter is the best time to dress your baby up in their finest outfit. If you anything like me when my kids were little you are all about the outfit changes. I love having a casual option as well as a dressy outfit for their first holidays. Here are some adorable Easter shirts for babies I found on ETSY.

Good Lad Infant Girls Yellow Seersucker Smocked Easter Dress with Panty

Sweet Yellow Bubble Dress

Easter outfit MY PEEPS Easter outfit 1st Easter girls image 1

Chillin’ With My Peeps Outfit

Personalized Name Bunny Kids Shirt  Custom Peter Rabbit Boy image 1

Peter Rabbit T-Shirt

In summary, there are many easy ways to make your baby’s first Easter memorable. From Easter-themed photos and decorations to attending events and donating to charity, there are many ways to celebrate this special holiday with your little one. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to involve your baby in the festivities and enjoy this special time together as a family.

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