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Encanto Birthday Party Ideas Even Bruno Want To Take About

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We might talk about Bruno {No, No!} but we are surely going to talk l about all the Encanto birthday party ideas I found. Encanto has taken over in a similar way Frozen did years ago, which means its one of the most popular birthday party themes for kids right now. Thankfully, there’s lots of great Encanto birthday party ideas to help you plan the ultimate party for your child. Whether you are planning a small get together or an all out birthday bash, there’s an Encanto birthday party idea for everyone.

Encanto Birthday Party Kits

One of the easiest ways to prepare for an Encanto birthday party is with a party kit from Amazon. These kits usually include everything you need to prepare of a fabulous birthday party. Some of things you can find in these kits include: balloons, cupcake picks, a birthday banner, cake topper and lots more. Here’s the best Encanto birthday party kits I found on Amazon.

Encanto Kit 1

One of the best parts of Encanto were the bold and beautiful colors. The entire time my family watched the movie for the first time I kept commenting on how gorgeous the film was to watch. This Encanto party kit captures the gorgeous, bold colors from the movie and helps set the tone for your party.

Encanto Birthday Kit 2

Here’s another gorgeous Encanto birthday kit filled with a gorgeous color palette. Once again, it has everything you need to host a great themed birthday party.

Encanto Party Decor

Party decor is one of the easiest ways to set the scene for a themed birthday party. Here’s a great selection of Encanto party decor.

Encanto Balloon Bouquet

One of the easiest ways to decorate for a party is with a balloon bouquet. These numbered Encanto balloon sets are a fun and very easy way to decorate.

Encanto Table Settings

Another simple way to decorate for any themed party is a fun table setting. This Encanto table set is a great way to add a hint of your party theme to your table.

Encanto Photo Backdrops

One of my favorite things to include at a birthday party for kids is a fun themed photo backdrop. Kids loves taking silly photos with fun props and you can also make party favors out of the photos. A large photo backdrop as adds to your decor and helps set the scene for a fun party.

Encanto Photo Backdrop

This Encanto photo backdrop is a great addition to your party. It will make your guests believe they’ve been transported to the Madrigal House. They will feel like they are a member of the family.

Madrigal House Backdrop

Tell me this photo backdrop isn’t stunning? I love that it’s just the house without the characters. You could take your Encanto party theme one step further by asking your guests to dress as their favorite character. Can you imagine everyone dressed up in front of this house? So cute!

Encanto Party Favors

Now that you have everything you need to decorate for your party, you need to start planning your party favors. As I mentioned earlier, Encanto is filled with gorgeous, bold colors which will help make your party favors stand out. Your guests will love taking any of these home.

Personalized  Color kit  Encanto Inspired  Favors  Crayon image 1

Encanto Coloring Kits

Encanto Inspired Custom Chip Bag  Favor Bag  Encanto image 1

Encanto Chip Bags

There are so many great treat ideas on Etsy and these personalized Encanto chip bags make the perfect party favor.

Encanto Chocolate Bar Wrapper image 1

Encanto Chocolate Bar

Here’s a delicious party favor idea with a personal touch. Personalized chocolate bars are always a hit making these Encanto themed printable bar wraps the perfect choice.

Encanto Cake Toppers and Inspiration

Encanto Character Cake Toppers

These adorable character cake toppers are a great way to include all of your favorite Madgril family members on top of your cake.

Encanto Inspired Cake Topper Encanto Birthday Miracle Cake image 1

Personalized Maribel and Isabella Cake Topper

Personalized cake toppers are a great way to add your party themed to your favorite cake. I love decorative cake toppers because they are an easy and affordable way to still have a beautiful cake without breaking the bank.

Encanto Inspired Cake Topper image 1
Personalized Cake Topper with Maribel

Here is another gorgeous personalized cake topper that will help bring your theme to life.

Encanto 2  Edible Dessert Toppers  Your Choice in Size. Cake image 1

Edible Cake Toppers

Here’s a delicious cake topper option if you perfer something edible vs decorative. Here’s a fun selection of edible Encanto Cake Toppers.





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