Fun and Easy Halloween Classroom Treats

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Looking for easy and fun ideas to create for your child’s Halloween class party? You are in luck! Here’s a great list of fun and easy Halloween treats perfect for any classroom.

Your party planning just got simpler! No need to spend hours searching for the perfect classroom treats for this Halloween, everything is right here for you. Are you big into making holiday-themed treats with your kids? Make sure you check out Halloween dinner Ideas and Halloween desserts kids will love to make.  Take the guessing out of what to do for Halloween this year with these great suggestions.

Fun and Easy Halloween Classroom Treats


Get ready to see all the best Halloween classroom treats ideas from my favorite bloggers. There’s no way I could create a list like this without their help.

A few things to keep in mind while reading – everything on this list is kid-approved, easy and most of all DELICOUS!

One last thing before we get started, making fun classroom treats is a wonderful tradition for your kids, but are you looking for more fun ways to celebrate Halloween? Check out the ultimate guide to Halloween traditions.

Simple Halloween Treats The Classroom

Ghost Doughnuts – What kid doesn’t love doughnuts? These ghost doughnuts are so simple to recreate even if you are not keen on baking from scratch. You could easily substitute with a box of powdered doughnuts and some chocolate chips! Easy peasy!

Hocus Pocus Popcorn Colorful popcorn is so much fun for school-aged kids and this hocus pocus themed treat does not disappoint. Your kids will love helping create this super fun Halloween treat for their classroom

Halloween Puppy Chow – This is a fun Halloween take on the classic favorite, puppy chow! Throw in a few gummy worms for an extra touch of Halloween fun. My family and I made this recipe and can attest to the fact it’s delicious!

Mummy Cakes Halloween can be a very busy time of year and sometimes it’s great having a no-bake idea on hand for the class party. These adorable Mummy no-bake cakes take mere minutes to recreate! Little Debbies have been around for generations with no signs of slowing down.

Monster Cookies These adorable blabs on deliciousness would be a great addition to any class party. They are a bit more labor-intensive than the previous suggestions but well worth the effort!

Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups Not all school host Halloween parties, but instead have Fall harvest celebrations. These super cute pumpkin patch pudding cups would be a great idea for a harvest party or even a Thanksgiving feast.

Halloween Chocolate Bark Holiday-themed bark makes for a fabulous classroom treat and this Halloween themed one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. “Eye” don’t know what you are waiting for. Time to get the baking supplies today!

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Witch Juice Boxes What’s a party without beverages? Juice boxes are the perfect choice for a classroom part and these witch-themed ones are sure to be a hit this Halloween!

 Eyeball Doughnuts Most kids love doughnuts so I thought it best to include more than one option. Eyeball doughnuts are the perfect spooky addition to any classroom Halloween party. Plus they are fun and easy to recreate.

Frankenstein Cupcakes Is it really a classroom party without cupcakes? The answer is NO! These adorable cupcakes are a must-have for any Halloween party.

Mummy Rice Krispy Treats Kids of all ages love a classic Rice Krispy treat. This Halloween takes on the classic treats is sure to make you a hit with your kids and their friends.


Did I miss any Fun and Easy Halloween Classroom Treats? If you would like your recipe featured on The Inspired Holiday please feel free to contact me. I love finding new recipes to try and featuring my fellow bloggers on this site. Halloween is such a fun time in a child’s life and classroom parties play such a big role in the holiday. Any of these treats would be a perfect addition to your little one’s class party. Happy Halloween!




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