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The Best 4th of July Traditions for Families

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THe Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday to spend making your own family traditions. If you are a long time follower of The Inspired Holiday you know on my favorite things to do is create family traditions for all of the holidays and then share them with my favorite people – all of you! The Fourth of July is no exception. There are so many fantastic ways to celebrate the day our country was born that will allow you to make memories to last a lifetime. Let’s dive into the best 4th of July traditions for families.

The Best 4th of July Traditions for Families



Dress For The Occasion 

One of my favorite holiday traditions especially for the 4th of July is dressing up in matching outfits. My husband is a wonderful sport and allows me to pick out coordinating outfits for all the holidays. Coordinated looks make for gorgeous photos and add a little extra flair to the holidays. Here’s a curated list of matching options straight from Amazon!


4th of July Outfits for Families

Head To See Some Fireworks

Each year I thank my lucky stars that we are from NYC and can normally find a decent view of the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks, but if you aren’t from here there are TONS of local firework events all across the country. In fact, the small town firework shows are some of my favorite memories from our family vacations. Most towns or at the very least a neighboring town host firework shows every 4th of July. Check with your local chamber of commerce or community affairs. 

Get The House Holiday Ready

One of our favorite ways to create holiday traditions in our home is through festive decor. Add a few touches of red, white and blue wherever you can in your home to help get your family excited for America’s birthday (that’s what my daughter always calls it). Decorating together can be a fun bonding experience for families. 

Make a Festive Treat

What’s the 4th of July without some delicious red, white, and blue treats? Below is a list of 25 delicious yet, simple red, white and blue desserts that your family is sure to love. Why not pick one and make it together? Baking is easily one of the best family traditions you can do together for any holiday. Oh and bonus? There are tons of NO-BAKE options for those that don’t love baking in 90+ degrees =)

25 Delicious Red White and Blue Desserts

Host a 4th of July Themed BBQ

What’s more American than a fun bbq to celebrate the 4th of July. You don’t need to make anything fancy to have a wonderful time celebrating American the beautiful!

Get Your Glow On

One tradition that has stuck around for years now is our use of red, white and blue glow items. Once the sun sets we get our glow on. It’s a fun and SAFE alternative to fireworks. Kids LOVE them and feel like they are adding to the festivities in their own special way. 

Make A 4th of July Themed Craft

Crafting is the backbone of our family’s holiday traditions. Making crafts as a family can create fun memories to last a lifetime. You can always use the crafts you create to decorate your home for years to come. Here’s a great list of 4th of July crafts you can make with your family.


4th of July Crafts for Kids

Find a Local Parade

Towns across America host wonderful 4th of July parades that families can enjoy together. Sometimes you can even join in the parade by decorating your car, a golf cart, your bike or simply by waving a flag. It all depends on your area. 

Hopefully you were able to find a new 4th of July tradition to start with your family this year. If you are looking for more holiday traditions don’t forget to check out all the ones we have for you here:

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