Halloween Baking Essentials

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The weather is getting cooler and you know what that means? Halloween is on it’s way. One of my favorite ways to get ready for Halloween is baking. Each year I make sure I have all the best Halloween baking essentials so I can create fun and festive treats for my family. If you are a longtime reader of The Inspired Holiday you know I’m big into family holiday traditions. One of the best and easiest traditions to do with your family for every holiday is bake.  Being in the kitchen with your family can be stressful, I know! However, to me, the mess and stress is worth it because I look back on our time together with such fondness.

In order to ensure I make the most of the Halloween season I search for the latest and greatest Halloween baking essentials. To my surprise, this year I found the best stuff on Amazon! Usually, I have to head out to Target, Michaels or our local shops to score the best Halloween baking supplies, but not this year. Instead, I filled my cart with the following awesome Halloween baking gear and I’ll be on my way to some delicious treats in just a few. With the time I spent shopping from Amazon I plan to see what else I can do this year to help extend the Halloween season. Here’s the best Halloween baking essentials I found this year.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase something from a link in this post. 


Candy Eyes

Candy eyes are the perfect accessory for your Halloween baking projects. Throw a couple of these in your favorite cookie recipe and BAM you have your very own monster cookies.

Halloween Sprinkle Set

If you are anything like me you always have great intentions when it comes to the holiday, but never enough time to do everything you want. Sometimes you need easy, simple fixes and a jar of festive sprinkles can make even break and bake cookies fun and festive. Simple and easy my two favorite words when it comes to baking with my family.

Halloween Silicone Molds

Baking with silicon molds is so easy! This set of four Halloween themed silicon molds can make baking fun Halloween treats both fun and exciting. Which one will you try first?

Skull & Bones Silicone Mold

One thing I was looking for when searching for this years Halloween baking essentials were items that can be dual purpose. I love being able to use my baking supplies over the course of more than a holiday or celebration. This skull and cross bone mold is going to come in handy when I host my daughters pirate and princess themed birthday next year.

Zombie Head Mold

Can ya sense a theme yet? I love finding holiday themed molds because they make baking with kids so easy! My 8yr old is super into zombies right now so this zombie head mold is a must have this year.

Cookie Press Gun

This cookie press isn’t exactly Halloween themed but it’s a must-have essential for any baker. This is something I use several times a year, especially for all of the holiday.

Halloween Cookie Press Inserts

If you purchase the cookie press above then you must have this Fall/Halloween themed inserts. I mean look at that adorable spiderweb. I can’t wait to try this set out this year!

Halloween Cookie Cutters

Holiday-themed cookie cutters are a staple in this house. How about you? I bought this set recently to replace my old, worn out cutters. A bonus for these Halloween themed cutters is they can be used as sandwich cutters! There’s that dual purpose I mentioned earlier.

Halloween Cupcake Liners

Sometimes all you need is a box mix, a cupcake pan and some festive liners to help create a delicious Halloween themed treat.

Tombstone Cake Pan

Annnnnnnd we’re back to the molds/pans. These mini tombstones are the perfect size for a little treat on Halloween.

Spiderweb Cake Pan

Out of everything on this list, the spiderweb cake pan is what I’m most excited to try. I’m going to attempt to make a large cookie in the pan first, but if that doesn’t work than a classic spiderweb cake it is!


Skull Pan

Instead of baking something sweet in this skull pan, I’m going to attempt something savory like grilled cheese or some other staple my kids love.

BabyCakes Maker

Once again, this babycakes maker isn’t quite Halloween themed, but it will help tremendously when you go to create this year’s Halloween treats. This little gadget is so easy to use and my 8yr feels like a big shot when I let him fill it alone.

Layered Pan Set

One more no Halloween baking essential I need to mention. This layered pan set makes creating colorful cakes a breeze. I use this all.the.time. A couple of boxes of white bake mix, holiday colored food dye and voila a festive cake my kids are dying to eat.

Spiderweb Cupcake Carousel

Now that you made all of these gorgeous and delicious Halloween treats you will need a place to display your hard work. I already own this spiderweb cupcake carousel and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to put it to use again this year.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is such a great time to spend with your family. School is back in session, the weather is cooler and the leaves are falling. Baking is such a fun way to make memories as a family and with two Halloween loving kids having the Halloween basking essentials is a must. I hope you found something new that you can try with your own family this Halloween. If you do find something new to try let me know in the comments below.


Happy Halloween!




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