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Silly and Unique January Holidays

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January is the time the new year sets into motion and people start resolving to do better. One thing I love doing every year is celebrating all the silly and unique holidays with my family. January has some of the silliest and most unique holidays of the year. My kids love waking up to see what silly day is upon us. We try to do something fun to commemorate each day. It doesn’t need fancy or expensive – you can celebrate these silly holidays in a very simple way. Here are all the silly and unique January holidays!

January is Hot Tea Month. My Mom’s favorite month since she is a tea lover!

1/1         Polar Bear Plunge Day and New Year’s Day

1/2         Random Acts of Kindness Day

1/3         Fruitcake Toss Day

1/4         National Spaghetti Day

1/5         National Bird Day

1/6         Cuddle Up Day

1/7         National Bobblehead Day

1/8         National Argyle Day

1/9         National Bagel Day

1/10       Houseplant Appreciation Day

1/11       Step in a Puddle and Splash a Friend Day

1/12       National Pharmacist Day

1/13       Make Your Dreams Come True Day

1/14       Dress Up Your Pet Day

1/15       National Hat Day and Martin Luther Kinder Jr. Day

1/16       Appreciate a Dragon Day

1/17       New Year’s Resolution Ditch Day

1/18       Thesaurus Day

1/19       National Popcorn Day and President’s Day (USA) Family Day (Canada)

1/20       National Cheese Lover’s Day

1/21       Squirrel Appreciation Day

1/22       Hot Sauce Day

1/23       National Handwriting Day

1/24       Say Something Nice/Compliment Day

1/25       Opposite Day

1/26       Peanut Brittle Day

1/27       Chocolate Cake Day

1/28       National Kazoo Day

1/29       National Puzzle Day

1/30       National Croissant Day

1/31       Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

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