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Silly and Unique March Holidays

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March is here which can only mean one thing – SPRING is on it’s way! What better way to celebrate than with some wack holidays? We nearly survived Winter so it’s time to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E! March is jam packed with some super silly and unique holidays your kids are sure to get a kick out of! Personally, I could live without dentist day but maybe you are one that loves getting your teeth cleaned. No matter what you decide to celebrate here is the list of all the best wacky holiday’s in March. 


the silly and unique March Holidays

March is Mad for Plaid Month. I’m preppy by heart so I LOVE plaid!

3/1         Peanut Lover’s Day

3/2         Old Stuff Day

3/3         If Pets had Thumbs Day

3/4         National Grammar Day

3/5         Make Something Nice Day

3/6         Dentist Day

3/7         Cereal Day

3/8         Proofreading Day

3/9         Meatball Day

3/10       National Pack your Lunch Day

3/11       Tools Day

3/12       Plant a Flower Day

3/13       Excessive Accessories Day

3/14       National PI Day

3/15       Draw a Picture Day

3/16       Search for a 4 Leaf Clover Day

3/17       Submarine Day and St. Patrick’s Day

3/18       Awkward Moments Day

3/19       Let’s Laugh Day

3/20       Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

3/21       Fragrance Day

3/22       National Goof Off Day

3/23       National Puppy Day

3/24       National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day

3/25       Waffle Day

3/26       Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

3/27       Spanish Paella Day

3/28       Something on a Stick Day

3/29       National Mom-and-Pop Business Owners’ Day

3/30       Take a Walk in the Park Day

3/31       Tell Someone you Love them Day

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