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The Hottest Toy Trends For 2021 – The Best Christmas Toys To Buy This Year

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2021 is flying by, can you believe it?  Before we know it will be Christmas which means it’s time to find all the HOTTEST TOYS FOR 2021 . This year I decided to make the ultimate holiday toy list much earlier than usual because I feel people are going to be shopping earlier than ever! Each year I try to compile a list of the hottest toys trends to help make holiday shopping easy. Over recent years many of the hottest toys sold out very quickly. I don’t want you or Santa to miss out on any of this year’s best toys so I figured it was best to share this year’s Christmas toy list now. 

Many of the toys found in this shopping guide will be on wishlists come November so why not start preparing now? Let’s be honest, Christmas can be stressful enough without having to search for this year’s must have toy. Instead, get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping today. Some of your kids may already be begging for some of the hottest toys 2021.

Toy Trends for 2021

2021 has seen its share of fabulous toy releases which my kids are drooling over! Toy trends for this year are similar to the year’s past with lots of new surprises joining the group. 

Fidget Toys Reign Surpreme: Fidget toys are going to be  a staple this holiday seasons. Kinetic sand is still a favorite for kids and slime {unfortunately or not} is still one of the hottest toys for 2021. In addition to the classic fidget toys you now have a huge selection of pop-it and pop-it themed toys that will please even the pickest of kids. 

My favorite thing about fidge toys is that they are inexpesnive! We all know how expensive toy shopping for Christmas can be so having inexpensive options really helps. 

Let’s see what’s in store when it comes to holiday toys for 2021. 

Before we jump in, let me just say that I will be updating this periodically until Christmas so you may want to bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates.



Toys For Preschoolers


Paw Patrol Tower

Paw Patrol still regins supreme witht the Preschool crowd and this Paw Patrol tower is guaranteed  to be on many wish lists this Christmas. When a toy is this popular there’s a big chance it could sell out so its always a good idea to start shopping early. 

The Ultimate Fort Builder

Building forts have never been easier with this incredible kit. Watch your fort come to life with ease using this setup. 


Outer Space Sensory Bin

When it comes to Christmas gifts for Preschoolers you can never go wrong with a sensory bin. This outer space themed sensory bin has hours worth of fun right in one single container. Kids can let their senese take over for a fully immersive play experience. 


Play-Doh All Mixed Up Big 

When my kids were small my biggest fear was mixed up play-doh but now it’s being sold already mixed together! This is something many preschoolers would love to get their hands on this holiday season. 


Toys For Boys


Botley The Coding Robot

Kids can learn to code with this fun learning robot. 


LEGO Star Wars Imperial 

This Star Wars Imperial LEGO set is already set to be one of this year’s must have Christmas toys. It’s perfec for Star Wars fans both big and small!


Snap Ships

Snap ships come with enough pieces for kids to build whatever vessel they would like. If you are able to get all three drone sets they can create a fusion build which allows them to create a fantastic creation. 


LEGO Technic Monster Jam Grave Digger

Monster trucks fans are going to love recreating their favorite stunts with this LEGO Monster Jam Grave Digger set. 


Snacking Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda or Grogu continues to be a star in the Christmas toy world. There are so many new baby Yoda toys hitting the market in time of the holiday rush including this adorable snackin’ baby Yoda doll.

Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex and Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex 

Jurassic Park fans are in for a treat this holiday season. The leagacy collection is going to on many wishlisth come Christmastime and this Tyrannosarus set is a perfect piece for your dino lovers collection.

Mario Kart Live

Bring your favorite Nintendo game to life with this Mario Kart Live. You can set up a real life Mario Kart track in your very own home. This is going to be a must have toy for your favorite gamer. 


Toys For Girls


Squishmallows are the new beanie babies and kids of all ages LOVE collecting them. Squishmallows are definetely one of, even not, the hottest toys for Christmas this year. My advice is to shop for squishmallows early because they WILL sell out and quickly!

Barbie Color Reveal Shimmer Series

Barbie Color Reveal dolls roared onto the toy scene during the Christmas rush last year and remain one of this year’s hottest Christmas toys for 2021. This year the shimmer series is going to be on everyone’s list. 


LOL Surprise OMG Dance Dance Dance Miss Royale Fashion Doll 

Larger L.O.L dolls took over the holiday shopping season in 2020 and they are showing no signs on slowing down this year. In fact, an entire new series of the larger L.O.L. dolls are set to make their debut at the beginning of this years hoilday shopping season. 


Llama Beatbox

Bring your minifigs to life with this incredible set. Create music videos using your favorite minifigs and set them to different music. The app helps you create phenomenal music videos using this kit and your favorite minifigs. 

Barbie X-Tra Series

Barbie has taken a huge leap into the 21st century with the introduction of the    X-Tra series of dolls. Each doll in the series is decked out in the latest fashions and come equips with a cool pet like this cute unicorn. My daugther has already made it known that this is a must have item on her wishlist for Christmas this year. 

Raya Playset

Raya was one of the most successful children’s movies in 2021 so expect Raya themed toys to dominate wishlists this holiday season. This Raya playset is a great gift idea for the Raya fan in your life. 

L.O.L. Present Surprise

L.O.L. dolls are not going anywhere anytime soon! This year it’s all about the present surprise. Unboxing the surprise doll and all their gorgeous accessories. This L.O.L. set is going to remain on the toy top seller’s list long after the holiday season making it one of this years hottest Christmas toys. 


Barbie’s Dreamhouse {2021}

Barbie’s 2021 dreamhouse is here! Check out all the new features for this year’s dreamhouse including a DJ booth, outdoor pool, working elevator and bunk beds. Barbie fans will want this under their tree Christmas morning!

Color Change L.O.L Suprise Dolls

Color change suprise dolls are one of the biggest toy trends this holiday season from Barbie to the new L.O.L. color change suprirse dolls. These dolls make for great stocking stuffers too!

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