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The Ultimate List of Easter Traditions

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One of the greatest gifts you could give your child is the gift of family traditions. Children will remember the time spent with their families for the rest of their lives. Holiday traditions are a wonderful way to keep the holidays festive and fun. Easter is no exception. There are so many wonderful things you can do to get your family excited for Easter.

The Ultimate List of Easter Traditions

Easter is way more than just the Easter Bunny. Each year my Mother went all out to make Easter as special as possible for our family and I happily carry on that tradition with my own family to this day. Each Spring I set out to plan as many, realistic activities to help my children get excited for Easter. With the weather starting to get nicer I make it a priority to include some fun outdoor activities into the mix. Here in no particular order are my family’s Easter traditions.

Easter Crafts

One great Easter tradition to start with your family is to complete a fun Easter themed crafts. Crafting is such a wonderful family tradition because it’s something you can do together plus you something tangible you can keep for years to come. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than opening up my holiday storage buckets to find crafts my children created from years past. The kids themselves get such a kick out of seeing how far their crafting abilities have changed over the years. It makes for such. heartfelt tradition year in and year out. There are so many great Easter craft ideas for you to try with your family this year.

Easter Brunch

One of the best ways to celebrate Easter is by hosting a festive Easter brunch. No one knows quite when Easter became synonymous with brunch but it truly is the holiday for brunching. There are so many delicious Easter-themed brunch recipes to try that hosting a holiday brunch seems like a no brainer!

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Decorating Easter Eggs

One of the traditions my family looks forward to most each year is dyeing Easter eggs. Each year we test out a new way to dye our eggs but no matter what we do we have a blast doing it. Once the eggs are dried and ready I always include them in our Easter tablescape or set them up as place card holders Here are some of the fun ways my family enjoys dyeing eggs:

Kool aid dye – the colors come out so bold – they are incredible!

Stickers – a simple yet fun way to decorate Easter eggs is with stickers. Amazon has many fun Easter sticker sets to help you decorate your eggs exactly how you want!

Stamps – Last year we decide to give stamping eggs a whirl and lemme tell ya it’s a load of fun! We got this adorable Easter stamp set and went to town. We were stamping eggs for hours. Such a good time!

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Easter Games

Another fabulous Easter traditions families can do together play a fun Easter game. You can play something as simple as bingo, as classic as pin the tail on the bunny or something more modern like Easter-themed headbands. Whatever you decide to play, spending time together with a family during a festive game night is a wonderful family tradition.

Egg and Spoon Race Kit

Easter Treats

If you are a long time reader of, The Inspired Holiday, you know that one of my favorite traditions is baking with my family. Something about creating something delicious with my kids really speaks to my soul. Easter has some delicious treats you can whip up with your little ones. I mean it’s Peeps season – why not find a fun peep inspired treat to recreate together? There’s an abundance of Easter-inspired treats you can try with your family.

Easter Egg Hunt

One tradition that I continued with my own children that I’ve been doing since I was a child is hosting an epic Easter egg hunt. Each year I gather up tons of supplies in order to host an egg hunt for all the kids in our family and our friends. Everyone looks forward to it every year. To make things fair, since there are children of different age groups, each child is assigned a color or patterned egg they are allowed to hunt. Having assigned colors makes the Easter egg hunt drama free! It allows the children to focus on their assigned egg and just have a blast!

PRO TIP: Write Down Where You Put The Eggs

Egg fillers don’t have to be just candy. In years past, I’ve filled eggs with coins, legos, shopkins, and other small toys.

Easter Morning Traditions

Easter Morning Pajamas

Something about festive pajamas makes me love the holidays, even more, {as if that’s even possible}! Easter pajamas have come a long way over the last few years and they keep getting cuter. My son is getting older so its harder for him to be down for matching PJs. Instead, I try to find something like basic stripes or some print that coordinates with his sister’s Easter pajamas. Coordinating PJs make for some really adorable photos.

Easter Breakfast

Whipping up a fun and festive Easter themed breakfast is a great tradition to start with your family. Each year I try to find a new recipe to try to help keep things interesting with a slice of silly. Some favorites from years best include;

  • Bunny Pancakes
  • Bunny Egg Bowls
  • Easter egg fruit tarts
  • Pastel rainbow pancake towers

Night Before Easter Traditions

Bunny Snacks

The night before Easter be sure to leave out some delicious carrots and treats for the Easter bunny! Surely they must get hungry while they are circling the world delivering Easter baskets.

Personalized carrots for the bunny plate, Personalized Easter gift for kids


Catch a Bunny In His Tracks

Creating bunny tracks is a fun way to catch the Easter BunnyKids will get a kick out of seeing that the Easter bunny came to visit!


Jellybean Garden

The night before Easter head outside to your garden or if you don’t have a garden use a pot filled with dirt. Once you find a good spot plant some jelly beans. Once you planted a handful of jelly beans make sure it water your new plants. Once the kids are fast asleep head out and fill their jelly bean garden with lollipops. After the kids wake up on Easter morning head outside to see what happened to their plants. Wait until you see their facial expression when they see that their jellybean seeds grew into delicious lollipops!

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