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Everything you need to Decorate Easter Eggs

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Easter is such a fun time of year and one of the best ways to celebrate is by decorating Easter eggs. In this guide, you will find everything you need to decorate Easter eggs this year. One of my favorite places to shop for Easter egg supplies is Amazon. I mean if you can prime it then it’s for me! There’s an ongoing joke in our house that includes not understanding how my Mom survived my childhood without Amazon Prime.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate Easter eggs? Be sure to tell me in the comments.

Now without further ado here’s everything you need to decorate Easter eggs.


Paas Emoji Eggs

First up in this adorable Paas Emoji Egg decorating set. Easy to use and fun for the kids. Look at the adorable emoji faces you will get with this fun set. Pick up your Pass Emoji Egg Set here.]

Egg Decorating Spinner

Egg-Mazing Egg Spinner

Do you love decorating Easter eggs but hate the mess? Introducing the Egg-mazing egg spinner. It allows your child to put their egg in the center and spin it as they decorate it. Hours of fun are possible! Get your Egg-Mazing egg spinner here. 

Plastic egg decorating kit

Plastic Egg Decorating Kit

Let’s be honest, a batch of hard-boiled eggs makes your house STINK! Ugh, I despise that smell, but we love to decorate eggs. This set is the perfect solution! You get a ton of plastic, non stinky, eggs ready to decorate! Leave the stench behind and get to decorating. You can get your plastic egg decorating kit here.

12 Color Dye Kit

Not all dye is created equal. When it comes to dying Easter eggs my family prefers bright and bold colors. This dye kit does not disappoint! The colors are great and easy to use. One tip – be sure to use gloves! Pick up your dye kit here

Egg Spinner


Spin an Egg

Spin an egg is a fun gadget that will allow you to make very interesting looking Easter eggs. SImply add a ready to decorate egg, a color packet, a liner and viola it’s time to start spinning. You will be amazed by the outcome this spin an egg product produces. Grab your spin an egg here


Easter Egg Display Rack

Once you finish decorating your Easter eggs you will want everyone to see marvel at how beautiful they came out! A bunny shaped wire display is the perfect way to show off your hard work. The best part? You can include this in your Easter tablescape. Don’t you love multi-purpose items? I know I do! You can get your Easter egg display here.


Egg Sprayer

Spraytastic Egg Decorator

If you have older children, than the Spraytastic egg decorator is for you. This fun tool allows you to design your Easter eggs in such a fun new way! If works similar to a hair dryer minus the heat. Make sure to pick up your Spraytastic tool here. 

Speckled Easter eggs

Speckled Egg Coloring Kit

Oh, the nostalgia! Remember when your Mom took you to pick out a new kit to help decorate your Easter eggs? I surely do! Each year my kids are allowed to pick one kit each so I let them pick a kit each for this post, too! This blog is a family affair!! My daughter picked this speckled kit because she thinks the eggs look fancy. We haven’t had our egg decorating day quite yet, but when we do I’ll report back. Why not try the speckled egg kit with us?

Crazy egg kit

Next up is the crazy eggs kit my son picked out. This is the third year in a row he picked out this kit so it’s safe to say it’s a family favorite. Look at how silly these eggs look? Kids will have so much decorating with this adorable kit. You can find the Crazy egg kit here.

Rabbit Egg Spinner

Rabbit Egg Spinner

Last but not least, is this adorable Rabbit themed egg spinner. As you can tell, egg spinners are all the rage this year. Kids love to decorate eggs while they spin in these fun themed gadgets. It being a rabbit adds an extra slice of fun to your Easter egg decorating day! Pick up your rabbit egg spinner here. 

Final thoughts,

Easter is such a great time to start new traditions with your family. Easter egg decorating is something my family loves to do together and looks forward to it each year. What are some things you do with your family to celebrate Easter? Leave a comment below. I’m always looking for new ways to celebrate the holidays.

Happy Easter!

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