Easy and Fun Gifts For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and my husband L-O-V-E-S getting handmade gifts from the kids. To be honest, I love that he’s such a sap. This year I decided to gather a ton of easy and fun gifts for Father’s day you might want to make with your family. Some ideas include some great ideas from fellow bloggers an others are easy to find craft kits you can purchase on Amazon. You know I’m a mix of a Pinterest and Prime Mom so I love giving options for everyone. Dad is sure to love any idea you pick so let’s get to it!



This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on a link on this post to make a purchase – I may make a small commission. I would never recommend a product I wouldn’t use or purchase myself 



#1 Dad Craft Kit

If you aren’t into DYIng things – this set from Amazon is perfect for you.  This year I decided to pick up this kit because time is not on my side. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint! My husband is going to love anything my kids make from this fun and easy Father’s day gift kit. You can buy it on Amazon here.

Handpainted Lego Frame

Cookies, crafts and coffee knocks it out of the park with this adorable and E-A-SY handpainted lego frame. Fun fact: since we started dating my husband I called each big and little lego because we are a perfect fit {insert groan}. Now that we have children my husband loves working on lego sets with both of them. This craft is super simple! All you need is a wooden frame from any craft store, paint and some old lego’s {who doesn’t have those laying around – ha!

Handprint Poem & Frame Set

Handprint gifts are a wonderful and sentimental gift for any parent. We love looking back to see how much our kids have grown over the years and this craft kit from Amazon is so simple to put together.



Who’s your Favorite Superhero Plate Craft

In our house, superheroes reign supreme! Every Father’s Day we try to incorporate my husbands favorite superheroes into the gifts from our kids. Conversamom teaches you step by step how to make this fun, unique paper plate craft.



Dad’s Tools

Does Dad do all the handy work around the house? This adorable craft set allows your child to piece together a perfect toolbox for Dad.


Valet Tray for Dad

Diana Rambles created and designed this gorgeous valet tray that you too can recreate using her instructions. This isn’t something little ones can do on their own, but it would make for a day craft to do together.


Baseball Glove Photo Frame

Calling all sports fans! This adorable craft set it for you. This craft only takes minutes to make but the memories last forever. We have our gifts set up for this year, but I keep going back to this one to see if I should include it because I think it’s so cute!


Necktie Card Craft

The Best Ideas for Kids is at it again! This craft is on repeat in my house. My husband has to wear a shirt and tie to work every so my kiddos make these cards for both Father’s Day and his birthday. They are fun and easy for kids of all ages.


All About Dad Magnet Set

If you want easy there is nothing easier on this list than this magnet set. You get everything you need to make these adorable magnets in one kit. They are easy to fill in and give to Dad.


Footprint Rocket

Do your children love their Dad to infinity and beyond? This sweet footprint craft is out of this world. I always love the craft ideas from The Best Ideas for Kids.


Beef Jerky Basket

What Dad doesn’t love beef jerky? I love this homemade jerky basket from Down Red Bud Drive. It’s a great mix of handmade and snacks. A combo Dad is sure to love


Final Thoughts

Finding fun and easy gifts for Father’s Day shouldn’t be difficult. I hope you found this list helpful. Father’s day is the perfect time to show Dad just how much they mean to us. How do you celebrate Father’s Day? I’d love to know – tell me in the comments!

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