Unique and Silly Holidays in June

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One way to kick off the Summer is to celebrate some of the unique and silly holidays in June. One of the easiest ways to celebrate each month is with these unique silly holidays. Kids love silly things and what’s sillier than celebrating random days? June has some great and unique holidays. Let’s get into it:


June 1st: National Manicure Day

Kick off the month with a day of relaxation just make sure it includes a manicure! As a Mom, this day is one I’m surely going to celebrate. Do you have spa days with your kids?

June 2nd: National Rocky Road Day

Today is the day to enjoy delicious Rocky Road flavored treats! Pour yourself a nice bowl of rocky road ice cream and cool off after a long, hot day!

June 3rd: National Egg Day

Eggs are a breakfast staple and today is the day we celebrate them! One fun thing to do is to try a new egg recipe. If you find one you like let me know in the comments – we are always looking for fun new egg recipes.

June 4th: Cheese Day

This one is for me – I love all things cheese. Do you? One way to have fun on this day would be to make a fun cheese plate with all different types of cheese. Enjoy!

NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAYJune 4th is also National Doughnut day. All the best doughnut shops always doing something great to help celebrate their favorite holiday. 

June 5th: Veggie Burger Day

Vegetarians rejoice! There are so many delicious varieties of veggie burgers, which one will you have today?

June 6th: Yo-Yo Day

Put your yo-yo skills to the test on the day dedicated to a timeless toy. Can you do any yo-yo tricks? The only I can do is avoid poking my eye out which I consider a win!

June 7th: Chocolate Ice Cream Day

It looks like this month it really taking shape. Chocolate ice cream day should be every day! What fun things are you going to do to honor this delicious frozen treat? I’m thinking we will make homemade chocolate ice cream!

June 8th: Best Friends Day

What could be better than honoring your best friend? Some fun things to do today include going to lunch, watch a movie, or simply catch up.

June 9th: Donald Duck’s Birthday

All hail our favorite duck! It seems fitting that the day after best friend’s day is Mickey’s best friend’s birthday! Today is a great day to watch your favorite Donald Duck cartoon!

June 10th – Ballpoint Pen Day

Where would we be without pens? Try taking the time today to use your favorite pen to jot down a favorite memory you want to remember.

June 11th – Corn on the Cob Day

Get the butter and salt shaker ready, gather up some friends, start your grill and enjoy some corn on the cob.

June 12th – Peanut Butter Cookie Day

What another delicious day! If it’s not too hot why not whip up a batch of your favorite peanut butter cookies! If it’s anything like NYC you may need to settle for store-bought. Even in mid-June, it’s too hot to make fresh, homemade cookies.

June 13th – Milk Day

The perfect follow-up to peanut butter cookie day is national milk day. Celebrate today with your favorite milk and cookie combo!

June 14th – Strawberry Shortcake Day

Hmm, I’m thinking if I celebrate every day this month I may not be able to move by the end of it. Strawberry shortcake is hard to ignore though so I guess I’ll have to whip up something delicious.

June 15th – National Smile Day

Oh, happy day! It’s time to make someone smile today. What are you going to do to make someone smile?

June 16th – Fudge Day

Time to hit up your favorite confectionary to get some of your favorite fudge. What’s your favorite flavor or fudge? I’m a classic kinda gal.

June 17th – Vegetable Day

Whew, I was getting nervous there for a second with there being so many days dedicated to sweet treats. Aren’t you happy to see a day dedicated to veggies? What’s your favorite veggie?

June 18th – National Splurge Day

It’s the one day of the year you can splurge without the guilt. If you could splurge on any one item what would it be? Let me know if the comment below.

June 19th – Martini Day

So, this one’s not for kids. Adults need days too 😉 Just remember to drink responsibly. Grab your favorite martini glass and celebrate in style!

June 20th – Ice Cream Soda Day

Are you an ice cream soda fan? Well, then this is your day! What is your flavor of choice?

June 21st – Yoga Day

Calling all Yoggies – this is your day! Will you celebrate doing the downward dog or sun salutations?

June 22nd – Onion Ring Day

My favorite side dish! One fun way to celebrate is by serving onion rings with dinner using a fun new dip!

June 23rd – Pink Day

On Wednesday’s {or June 23rd} we wear Pink. Sip on pink lemonade, rock a new shade of pink lipstick, or throw on some tunes by Pink to help make this day special.

June 24th – Pool Day

The end of June in NYC means schools out for Summer and what better way to celebrate than with National pool day! Enjoy a fun lap around the pool to help you cool off on this hot Summer day!

June 25th – Strawberry Parfait Day

We are back to the sweets. At least this is a healthier version and can help cool you down.

June 26th – Beautician Day

Celebrate the one that helps keep you looking your best.

June 27th – Sunglass Selfie Day

Take a selfie wearing your sunglasses and share it on social media.

June 28th – Paul Bunyan Day

Today is a perfect day for a hike to admire what Paul Bunyan loved most, trees!

June 29th – Hug Day

Make sure you give your loved ones extra hugs today

June 30th – Waffle Iron Day

Wrap up the month with a tasty waffle made in a fun waffle iron!


June is usually a busy month for most of us with graduations, weddings, birthdays and the start of Summer, but why not add to the excitement with these unique and silly June holidays. Which silly and unique June holidays will you celebrate? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!


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