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Fun and Unique Easter Bucket List Ideas

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Bucket lists are a great way to help celebrate the holidays! Easter is one of the best times to add extra fun and magic into your everyday routine. One great way to do that is with this article that includes fun and unique Easter bucket list ideas. Will you be able to do everything on this list? No way and that’s ok! Just have fun with it – whatever that means to your family. Here’s a list of fun and unique Easter bucket list ideas:


Decorate an Easter Basket for a friend

A great way to celebrate Easter is by creating an Easter basket for your friend. What’s something your friend enjoys doing? Try creating a basket around that and have fun doing it!

Dye Easter eggs 

Check the post: Everything you need to decorate Easter eggs.

Go on an Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts are a timeless tradition that children look forward to each year. Do you host an egg hunt or go to a local one?

Create some Easter crafts

Easter crafting is a must this time of year. Here’s a list of easy and fun Easter crafts you can do with your family.

Treat the family to a trip to the candy store

It’s the time of year where we allow our sweet tooths to take over. Visiting a local candy store this time of year is fun for the whole family. Candy stores have some of the best Easter displays which make for great photo ops!

Turn your drink a Spring color using food dye

Do your kids love making their drinks a fun color? It’s easy and safe to do with some of this dye.

Watch “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown has the best holiday classics, don’t you agree? Pop on the movie and make a festive treat to enjoy while you watch.

Decorate the outside of your house

Add to the festive feeling but decorating the outside of your house with fun Easter-inspired decor.

Read some Easter-themed books

Reading to your children is so important so why not use this time of year as an excuse to read more to your kids? There are so many wonderful Easter books to read.

Go see the Easter Bunny

Head over to your local mall and get your picture taken with the Easter bunny

Enjoy some spring bulbs or bouquets

Time to turn your thumb green and get to planting. What’s your favorite flower to plant?

Eat jelly beans!

Easily the best bonus to this time of year is the abundance of jelly beans. What jelly bean flavor is your favorite?

Craft an Easter wreath

Are you crafty? This is the perfect time to create a gorgeous Easter wreath.

Locate a recipe for Easter themed slime

The slime craze shows no sign of slowing down. Check out this fun Easter-themed slime recipe.

Buy some Peeps – chicks or bunnies

What’s Easter without some peeps? This marshmallow treat dates back for years! Do you like peeps?

Make Jell-0 eggs

Jell-o eggs are easy and delicious!

Make Easter cards

Show someone you care by making them a beautiful Easter card

Purchase bunny ears

Add some extra cuteness to Easter this year with these adorable bunny ears

Learn Easter songs

Have a dance party with some of the best Easter songs you can find.

Make an Easter grass sensory bin

Sensory bins are great for teaching children about different things so why not create one with easter-friendly items.

Play educational games with plastic Easter eggs

My son learned his word families using plastic eggs. So fun!

Enjoy an Easter parade (don’t forget your Easter bonnet)

The Easter parade in NYC is something my family loves to see each and every year. Do you have a local parade?

Make an Easter ham with all the fixings

The best part about the holidays is all the food! MMMM I can almost taste the Easter ham. What’s your favorite Easter meal?

Final Thoughts,

How will you celebrate Easter this year? Did you find fun and unique ideas using this Easter bucket list? If so, I would LOVE it if you share this post with your friends and family or pinned it to Pinterest. Thank you for always supporting The Inspired Holiday where we find inspiration to celebrate the everyday!

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