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Mask Friendly Halloween Costumes

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Let’s be honest – Halloween 2020 is going to one to remember to the say the very least. We already have you set with the best indoor ideas to help you celebrate Halloween just in caseNow it’s time to talk – costumes. Social distancing guidelines are not going away any time soon and sure you can throw on a mask with any costume but what if you could wear a costume that featured a mask. Kids will love it! Takes the dislike of wearing a mask right out of the equation. 

Thankfully our community already announced their Halloween plans so parents can begin planning early which is essential is this kind of environment. Many of the children’s friend’s families have decided to do a social distance kind of trick or treating – we will be visiting each other’s home on the outside with appropriate ways to hand out candy and treats. We are going whatever we can to make sure our children can celebrate Halloween – safely



Mask Friendly Halloween Costumes

Monkey {Or Any Animal}

A monkey is a great costume idea where the mask will enhance the costume. An animal mouth mask makes a perfect addition to an already adorable costume and makes it safe for social distance Halloween celebrations. 

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Don’t Forget Your Matching Face Mask


What’s easier than going as something with built-in Armour? A Knight is the perfect Halloween costume to comply with social distancing. Mask and protect the kingdom.

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Don’t forget your matching mask


The obvious choice for this years socially distant Halloween is a Ninja costume. It comes fully equipped with everything you need to celebrate safely.

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Mask Friendly Superhero Costumes


Iron Man

Iron man wears a full-on headpiece so who better to go as this Halloween than the leader of the Avengers.

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Don’t Forget Your Matching Mask


Not only is he the caped crusader, but he’s also now the masked one too. Batman is a great choice for wanting to keep your kids safe this Halloween.

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Remember To Grab A Matching Mask

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman doesn’t normally wear any face gear but there are so many adorable Wonder Woman masks that your little one will be happy to mask up. 

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Captain America

The First Avenger will continue to keep you safe this Halloween!

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Instead of carrying a shield – wear one to protect your face





Head to the dark side with a fun Joker costume.

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Add A Creepy Joker Face Mask


Mask Friendly Star Wars Costumes

Kylo Ren

Everyone’s favorite villain is the perfect choice for this socially distant Halloween season. You won’t have to worry about anyone understanding you through your mask – it’s part of the costume!

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Boba Fett

Boba Fett is another easy choice when it comes to picking out a safe Halloween costume for your child to wear this year. You have everything you need right in the costume itself

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Essential Worker Halloween Costumes

We wouldn’t even be able to celebrate Halloween this year without all of our especially our doctors and nurses. Celebrate them this Halloween by wearing a costume dedicated to their hard work. 

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