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Festive Holiday Party Themes To Get You In The Christmas Spirit in 2021

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 Christmas parties are BACK! 2021 Christmas parties are going to be bigger and better than ever. Wait until you see this list of fabulous holiday party themes to try in 2021. There are so many great Christmas party ideas to try this year.

Christmas parties are a fabulous way to spend time with your family both near and far. Planning a Christmas party has never been easier. There are tons of great Christmas party decor ideas you can DIY or purchase online, plus an assortment of fun holiday party food you can make with ease. Wait until you see all the great holiday party ideas I have for you this year. Can ya tell I’m ready to throw the best Christmas party of my life? I L-O-V-E- a good Christmas party theme. Here are this year’s best holiday party ideas. 


Holiday Party Trends For 2021



Holiday Party Trend #1 – Let’s Play Dress Up!

Ugly Sweater Party– This crazy trend has become synonymous with holiday parties and 2020 is no exception. One of the easiest holiday parties to throw both in person and virtually is an ugly sweater party. Don your ugliest of sweaters and get your party on! No ugly sweater party is complete without a prize for THE ugliest sweater. Think you have what it takes to win? Let your tackiest side prevail.

Christmas Pajama Party– Here’s another party that’s simple to host in-person or virtually. Christmas pajamas have come a looong way in the last few years. Now you find Christmas pajamas in all shapes, sizes, designs, and themes. A great addition to a Christmas pajama party is a delicious hot chocolate bar. 

Get Fancy – Nothing says Christmas like a formal event where you get to wear your very best holiday attire. Think tradition holiday flare with a touch of glitter and glam. Make a playlist of all the best Christmas ballads and classics to set the mood. Don’t forget a fun holiday-themed signature drink. If you have to be away from your party guest this Christmas imagine how much fun {and ridiculous} a zoom party would be in your holiday best.

Get Into Character – This is was a HUGE hit last year. Have your guests dress as their favorite holiday character. My husband went as Bumble from Rudolph which was hilarious. The possibilities are endless. What’s your favorite holiday character? The Grinch? Charlie Brown? Frosty? Santa? So many ideas!


Holiday Party Trend #2 – Get Creative!

Gingerbread Building Party – This holiday party is family-friendly or can be great for a ladies’ night! It’s so simple to set-up. All you need are the pre-built gingerbread houses, extra candies for decorations, icing, and voila you are ready to party! You could take it a step further with personalized aprons, fun decor, or gift bags for your guests. Don’t forget to give an award for most creative, whimsical, silliest, or a participation trophy for those that tried their best!

DIY In Style – Host a crafting night for your friends and family. This is, once again, something you can do both in person or virtually. Pick a craft you want to complete – a DIY ornament, mason jar gifts, wreaths, or maybe something for the kiddos. Whatever you decide, make it festive with some themed decor and music. This is also a great idea for a Christmas in July party to get a head start on your Christmas DIYing!

Cookie Exchange – Another creative holiday party idea for 2020 is a cookie exchange. You can do this one of two ways. First, you can have each guest bring or send their favorite Christmas cookie recipe to exchange with other party guests – or – you can host a cookie making party. This idea is a popular idea for a kid’s holiday party. Make or purchase holiday shaped cookies and get all the fixings for them to decorate their cookies.  Don’t let them leave empty-handed – send them home with a fun festive cookie tote. This is a party idea kids will remember forever. A great way to make memories to last a lifetime. 

Holiday Party Trend #3 – Brunch it Up!

Mistletoe & Mimosas – Give a holiday spin to brunch by throwing a Mistletoe and Mimosa holiday brunch. This is such a fun holiday brunch idea because you can really play it up! You can have your guests come in formal wear, make it a tree trimming brunch, or a traditional holiday brunch. Whatever you decide to do for you and your guests this idea is always a hit with the brunch crowd.

Flannels and Flapjacks – This is the adult take on pajamas and pancakes, which is a great idea for kids themed holiday brunch. Have your guests wear their favorite holiday plaids or flannels to a delicious brunch where flapjacks are the star of the show! Can you imagine the amount of buffalo plaid you will see at this shindig? Wowza!

Flannel, Fur, and Fizz – Take the flannels and flapjacks up a notch to host a fancy holiday brunch. You can come dressed in flannel, fur {faux, of course!} and let the bubbly flow. A great holiday spin on the classic idea of brunch – bottomless champagne with good food and friends. 


Holiday Party Trend #4 – Holiday Cheer

I’m Dreaming of a White {Wine} Christmas – Wine parties are still all the rage in 2020 both in person and virtually. Why not put a holiday spin on a classic party theme? Have your guests come dressed in white and serve a variety of your favorite white wines. In addition, you can make it snowflake-themed for the decor. This will be a hit with all the wine connoisseurs.

Tinsel & ‘Tinis – A great way to host an old-school classic Christmas party. Put on some Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday or Dean Martin, pour some holiday drinks, hang some traditional decor and have a party everyone will remember. Add an extra slice of nostalgia by asking your guest to wear clothes of Christmas pasts. So much fun for everyone. 

Get Elfed – A good ‘ole Christmas rager – ha! Wear your favorite elf-inspired outfits while hosting the party of the year. Make some “elf punch” for your guests, but ask that everyone drink responsibility. Holiday parties should all be about being festive, but safety should be everyone’s priority. 

Holiday Party Trend #5 – Deck The Halls

Ornament Exchange – My personal favorite as it’s something my family does every year. On the invitation make sure you include how many people will be attending the party. Each party attendee has to bring an ornament for each person or family that will be present at the party. We do this in lieu of buying big gifts for everyone. It’s personal which makes it my favorite Christmas tradition. 

Let’s Get Lit – Invite friends over for a tree trimming party. Maybe have everyone come in their most comfy holiday attire and get to decorating. It’s a great way to host a party if you dread decorating your tree. Put on some toons and get to tree trimming!




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