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Space Jam 2 Birthday Party Ideas

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Space Jam 2 came out two days ago and already my son is begging for a fun Space Jam-themed movie night. I thought if he wants a movie night then there has to be another kid that wants a Space Jam 2 birthday party. I figured it would be fun to help you find all the best Space Jam 2 birthday decor, supplies, and party ideas. To my surprise, there’s a TON of Space Jam 2 party supplies readily available. The movie studio must have known it was going to be a huge success.

Space Jam 2 Birthday Party Ideas

Space Jame 2 Party Pack

Everything you need to decorate for your Space Jam 2 birthday is right here in this set.

Space Jam 2 Birthday Tableware

Even if you are having a simple at-home family birthday party, this Space Jam 2 tableware set helps you set a festive tone for your birthday baby!

Space Jam 2 Photo Backdrop

By now you know I love a photo backdrop for birthday parties and this Space Jam one is perfect for your party theme!

Basketball Balloon Bouquet

This basket balloon bouquet would make a great addition to your Space Jam-themed birthday party.

Out Of This World Balloon Arch

Another fun balloon addition to your Space Jam birthday party is this out of this world ballon arch. 

Space Jam Birthday Party Centerpiece Space Jam Characters Space Jam LOLA

Space Jam 2 Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a great way to set the tone and feel of your party. This Space Jam 2 set is perfect because it includes all different sizes.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Invitation Space Jam Video image 0

Space Jam Video Invitation

Video invitations are all the rage right now. This Space Jam digital invitation is a great way to invite your friends and family to your party.

Space Jam Cupcake Toppers Space Jam A New Legacy Cake image 0

Space Jam 2 Cupcake Toppers

Space Jam cupcake toppers are almost too cute to pass up! You get one of every character!

Space Jam Capri Sun Label Space Jam 2 Space Jam Party image 0

Space Jam Drink Covers

A full customized dessert table is always a great way to welcome your guest. These drink covers with a fun Space Jam theme are a perfect addition to your party.

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