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The Best Christmas Games To Play As A Family

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It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas and one of the jolliest Chritmas activites for my family include playing our favorite Christmas Games.  If you are anything like me you are always on the hunt for new Christmas traditions and a few years back I stumbled on my favorite one yet – Christmas Game Night(s). Each year when our Elf on the Shelf arrives they always bring a new or family favorite Christmas game for us to play together. On the night our elves arrive is usually when we sit down to write our family Christmas bucket list for the year. It’s no surprise that Christmas game night fills the calendar on more than one day. Family game nights are a huge part of our regular family traditions but have something magical to play together really adds to the spirit of the holidays.

In addition, each year we try to host a holiday party for our friends and some of these games have become a standard part of those events. Christmas game nights are a great holiday party idea to try with your friends this year. Getting together with friends is a great way to spend the holiday and easily one of my favorite Christmas traditions for couples.

Christmas Themed Board Games Make a Wonderful Family Tradition

Every Christmas Eve our children are allowed to open one present, which is usually a board game. For the last few years, we’ve gifted them with one of the Christmas-themed board games below. Each of them loves to see what Christmas-themed game awaits them under their favorite wrapping.

Playing Christmas games is a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition because it helps do something that’s normally difficult  – keep kids occupied! Before we started this yearly tradition it was so hard to keep the children in our family entertained – who can blame them? The anticipation of Christmas as a child simply cannot be beat! Now we spend a few hours playing their new games and some Christmas classics from years prior. It helps both us and them calm down before the big night ahead.


The Best Christmas Board Games To Try This Year

 The Santa Claus Game lets your children play as Santa and belt out their best “Ho Ho Ho!”

Christmas Trivia Game

Test your Christmas knowledge with this fun trivia game. This is definitely for older kids and their parents but it’s perfect for keeping the magic alive with your big ones!

Rudolph The Game

Rudolph is almost as classic as Santa himself. This game is perfect for little ones whose eyes light up at Christmas just like Rudy’s nose.

Pass The Rhyme

This snowman game is great fun for kids of all ages and also helps with learning rhyming words.

Christmas Trivia Game

Christmas Trivia game perfect for a holiday game night with friends. The laughs will fill the air as you try to figure out the answers to this holiday’s toughest questions.


A holiday take on the classic games makes planning a family holiday game night a breeze.

Polar Express The Game

The Polar Express is my son’s favorite one so this game was a no-brainer when I first saw it. Our Elves always plan a fun polar express-themed night for my son every year so this was the perfect addition last year and a ton of fun to play a family.

Christmas Match Game

The perfect holiday game for little ones.

Christmas Charades

Christmas charades are one of my favorite Christmas traditions. This game makes for hours of laugh-out-loud fun for the whole. This is also one of my favorite Christmas party games to play each year that results in belly laughs you’ll remember for years to come.

Elf Card Scramble

This Buddy the Elf card scramble is new to me this year so I haven’t actually played it yet but I’ll be sure to report back on how my kids like it once we crack it open.


Hopefully, you were able to find a fun new Christmas board game to play with your family this year. There are so many great ways to spend time together at Christmas, playing games is only one of them. Make the most of your holiday season by trying new holiday traditions with your family.


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