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Winter bucketlist

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Its official Winter is here! The weather has changed and the snow made its first appearance. Winter can be a depressing time of year for many of us, but it doesn’t need to be! There are tons of great ideas to help us get through these cold months. Here in NYC, Winter feels like it lasts forever! Thankfully, I have this fun, Winter Bucket List, I refer to each year to help make these cold months more tolerable. Cold weather is the perfect time to take full advantage of all things warm and cozy. Personally, I think it’s easier to get warm in Winter than staying cool in the Summer but that’s me. Do you agree? 

Here are some fun Winter Bucket List Ideas for you to try this year!

  1. Go Ice Skating – Winter is the perfect time to go ice-skating! There are so many great ice skating spots here in NYC its hard to pick a favorite, but I look forward to ice skating every winter.
  2. Bake – Winter is a great time to test out new recipes you’ve been meaning to try out. We love making any different varieties of cupcakes. What do you like baking?
  3. Sledding – What’s more fun than sledding in the winter? I can’t think of many things! We make our own mini hill right in our driveway and spend hours going up and down. It’s the simple things that help make Winter such a fun time for our family.
  4. Craft – When the weather is too cold to do anything outdoors why not try a fun new craft idea? Crafting is something my family loves doing together. What are some of your favorite crafts?
  5. Make Hot Chocolate – I think it’s safe to say that Hot Chocolate is the official drink for winter. One fun thing to try this winter is to create a hot chocolate bar which includes laying out a bunch of fun toppings for everyone to include on top of their drinks.
  6. Organize – The New Year usually lines up with when Winter kicks into full force so why not start fresh and organize your stuff while the weather permits. Getting things in order will help you prep to have a Summer where you don’t have to worry about your home.
  7. T.V. Binge – Netflix is my best friend during the winter months. I do most of my binge-watching during the colder months. A nice cozy blanket and my favorite Netflix show? Yes, please!
  8. Make Soup – What’s better than a bowl of delicious hot soup on a cold winter’s day? Take advantage of the cold and try out that new soup recipe you’ve been dying to try. 
  9. Try A New Winter Sport – Ever wanted to try snowboarding? Why not make this winter the year you try? This year I’m taking my family skiing for the first time and I’m both nervous and so excited!
  10. Cuddle Up By The Fire – If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace than why not take full advantage of cozying up to the fire on a cold winters day. I WISH I had a fireplace – its my dream to be able to sit in front of the fire with a brand new book – heaven!
  11. Build a Snowman – The best part of the winter? Snow! And what better way to enjoy a good ‘ole fashioned snowstorm is by building a snowman!
  12. Snowball Fight – Enjoy a snowy day by having an all-out snowball war! We love having snowball fights in our family. Do you?
  13. Visit a Museum – One great way to spend a Wintery afternoon is by checking out the latest exhibits at your local museum. Are there are fun exhibits coming to a town near you?
  14. Read a New Book – A great time to start a new book and finish it to the end is during the colder months. Is there something you’ve been dying to read? Why not start that book you’ve been wanting to read?
  15. Pajama Day – Have a full-fledged pajama day where you do nothing but lounge around in your PJ’s all day. Make your favorite snacks and just veg out – you deserve it!

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