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13 Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

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Halloween parties for kids are one of the best ways to celebrate the not-so-spooky time of year. There are so many great Halloween party themes for kids. This year I narrowed it down to 13 of the best Halloween party ideas for kids to help make planning a bit easier. Thankfully, planning a Halloween party has never been easier. You can easily shop for Halloween decor, party favors, Halloween costumes, food, and more right from your computer. 

Leave the horror, skeletons, and fake blood-soaked decor for the adults-only Halloween parties – this guide is all about the kids! Halloween party themes for kids are some of my favorite and super fun to host. Isn’t it fun to let the kid inside of you shine through when working on things for your own family? 

One of my favorite things about Halloween parties for kids is that it makes for a great alternative for Trick or Treating. Bad weather canceled our local Trick or Treating events twice within the last few years, but hosting a party for our close friends, family and neighbors made it so the kids never even missed it!

Ok, let’s see this year’s best Halloween party themes for kids13 Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

1 –  Halloween made easy

Can it get any easier than pumpkins, ghosts, and spider webs? The classics are classic for a reason.  If you are anything like me and love decorating your house for Halloween then hosting a traditional Halloween party has never been easier. Your home decor can also be used as party decor – all you would need to add is some simple party flair like plates, cups, or maybe a fun dessert table.

Going the traditional route can also save you a ton of money because finding traditional Halloween party decor is a breeze. In fact, Dollar Tree, Five Below, and other discount retailers all have a great selection of classic  Halloween party decor every year. Here are some great Halloween party decor finds from Amazon:


Orange and Black Decor Pack




2 – Hocus Pocus Party 

Hocus Pocus is one of the first things I think of when it comes to Halloween. Let the Sanderson sisters set the mood for a great Halloween party for kids. You can even make this into a Halloween movie night party by popping in the movie with tons of fun Halloween movie-themed snacks. 

Hocus Pocus Movie Party Pack




3 – Pink and Black Ghosts and Glam

My newest favorite Halloween party theme for kids is a pink and black ultra-glam but not-so-spooky party. Think lots of pink pumpkins, white ghosts with fun party flair. The first time I saw this theme in person was for a friend’s baby’s 1st birthday. It was so sweet. The pink tones and a mix of pumpkins really make this a gorgeous party theme for kids. This year I’m planning a girls-only playdate using a pink and black Halloween theme where we are going to decorate cookies, make paper plate ghosts, drink pink lemonade, and have a monster mash dance party. I can’t wait! I

Halloween Paper Plates Pink Halloween Plates Pastel image 0


4 – Boo Bash

Another great Halloween party for kids is a good ‘ole fashioned boo bash. An adult take on this theme normally involves alcohol but for kids, you make it all about silly ghosts. One way to plan a great boo bash for kids is by creating fun ghost-themed crafts and treats. 

White Ghost Beverage Napkins 20ct Kids Halloween Party image 0


Pink Halloween Decorations. Happy Booday Decorations. Ghost image 0



5 – Black Cat

Let’s Pawty! An adorable Halloween party theme for kids is all about black cats. Kids and animals are a perfect combination for any party and Halloween is so exception. There are so many great decor options for a black cat party and tons of them are available on Amazon.

Black Cat Party Banner

Let’s Pawty Balloons





6 – Cupcake And Cookie Decorating

One of the easiest parties to throw for kids, especially for Halloween is a cookie and cupcake decorating party. Etsy has ready to decorate cookie kits making this party a snap to plan. 

Halloween DIY Cookie Decorating Set image 0

Decorate Your Own Halloween Cookies

Sprinkles Monster mash Halloween sprinkles Halloween image 0

Cupcake Sprinkle Kits



7 – Fun With Frankie

Let’s party with everyone’s favorite Halloween friend, Frankenstein, better known to the smaller crowd as Frankie. I LOVE decorating with Frankenstein-themed decor. Something about it screams Halloween to me. There are so many fun ways you can go with this theme. You can go full Frankenstein or mad scientist, Monster themed and ohhhhh so much more. 

Frankenstein Napkins



8 – Halloween Friends

There are a lot of characters that are associated with Halloween including monsters, vampires, skeletons, pumpkins, black cats, spiders and more. You can build a party around all of your favorite Halloween friends. 

Halloween Costume Party Centerpieces Halloween Theme Birthday image 0

Halloween Friend Centerpieces


9-  Zombies

Zombie parties have been trending upward for the last few years when it comes to Halloween parties for kids. There are so many great things you can do at a Zombie party including “eating brains” {jello mold} Tons of decor options and fun zombie games you can play at your party. 

Pin The Eye On The Zombie

10 – Witches

Witches are classic Halloween. A witch-themed Halloween party is a great idea of kids. You can play a ring toss game using witch hats, have everyone come dressed as their favorite witch, and serve delicious witch-themed treats. 

Glitter Witch Hat Party Straws Witch Straws Halloween image 0



11 –  Little Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving and painting parties are a great option for a fun Halloween party. Get a bunch of small pumpkins and let the kids go to town decorating. You can even give everyone a pumpkin sticker set as a way to avoid a big mess.





12 – Candy Corn Party

Love it or hate it – candy corn is a Halloween staple. A yellow, orange, and white-themed party is a great modern take on Halloween parties. 




Halloween Balloons Yellow White Orange Candy Corn Balloon image 0



13 – Monster Mash

A Halloween dance party is a simple but super fun party idea for kids. Let everyone come in their favorite costume, serve kid-friendly Halloween party food and throw on some classic Halloween tunes. Watch the kids come alive. Everyone will have the time of their lives! You can even make it more fun by adding in glow in the dark elements. 


Halloween Party Favors Ideas For Kids

Here are a few ideas to give your guests to thank them for coming to your Halloween party for kids.


Halloween Sticker Faces


Halloween Crayons Halloween Treats Halloween Gifts For image 0

Halloween Crayons

Halloween Favor: Halloween Bubble Favor Halloween Monster image 0

Halloween Bubbles

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